Watering Viburnum

Viburnum is a very easy to care for, hardy plant. Preferring fairly rich, moist well-draining soil, it does not like constantly wet soggy soil conditions. Over watering viburnum can lead to root rot or other plant diseases. A deep watering each week is a general rule to follow. With more than 150 species of viburnum, some varieties may need more water while others are more drought tolerant. It is best to refer to the description guidelines of the viburnum you are planting and follow the moisture needs.


How to Tell if Viburnum Needs Watered

Once established, most varieties of viburnums only require weekly watering. During particularly dry conditions, viburnum leaves may look grey and droopy. Water regularly until precipitation returns. You may also notice the tips of new stems bending over or new leaves wilting during dry weather conditions. This could be a sign that your plant needs a good soaking. Careful not to overwater and create long term soggy soil conditions. This could lead to root rot. 

How Often To Water Viburnum

Viburnum does not require a lot of watering except for when it is newly planted or during drought conditions. When newly planted, give the entire root ball area a deep soaking. After that, water two times a week or run your sprinklers 20-30 minutes twice a week.

Once established, viburnum will need weekling watering either from rainfall of or by the gardener. Slow deep watering around the root ball and allowing the soil to dry out is better than frequent quick waterings.


A container grown viburnum will need more frequent watering, especially during drought conditions. During extremely dry conditions, daily watering may be needed. Check the soil to be sure that it does not stay soggy for too long.

Best Time To Water Viburnum

It is best to water viburnums during the morning hours. If watered in the evening or overnight, fungus or other diseases can develop. Weekly watering during the summer is all a viburnum needs. Stop watering in the fall to prepare for winter. A thin layer of much around the base of the plant will help to preserve moisture during the cold weather months. 

How to Water Viburnum

Step 1 - Newly planted viburnums need frequent watering. Water every 1 or 2 days when the top inch of soil is dry.

Step 2 - Established viburnums require weekly watering. Water during the morning hours.

Step 3 - Slow deep watering is best. Thoroughly soak the root ball area of each plant.

Step 4 - Allow the soil to dry between waterings. Soggy soil can lead to root rot.


Viburnum Watering Tips

  • Weekly watering or precipitation is recommended
  • A slow deep watering is best
  • Avoid long term soggy soil
  • Container plants need daily watering

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