Growing Viburnum In Pots

If you are a gardener with a small yard, patio, or planting area but want the feel of a larger garden area, then container viburnum is for you. Often thought of as large shrubs or trees, a dwarf variety of viburnum grown in a container is a very manageable shrub for your small garden. A smaller variety of viburnum will successfully grow in a pot. As long as you have well drained soil and sun, this plant will thrive.


Planting Viburnum in Pots

When planting a viburnum in a pot, you will want to choose a large container at least 8 inches wider than the root ball. The bigger the pot, the better. We recommend our resin containers with drainage holes at the bottom. Plant the viburnum in fertile, well drained soil that will get full sun. Viburnums can tolerate some shade but will produce more blooms with sun. It is best to plant viburnums in the spring or fall.

Best Soil For Viburnum in Pots

Viburnums like moist, well-drained soil. In general, potted plants will need to be watered more often. Try to avoid continued soggy soil conditions as this can least to root rot or other diseases. Using a quality potting soil or mix is important. You can mix 10 to 20% of perlite into the soil which will promote drainage. Mulch on top of the soil will also help to preserve moisture. 


Caring For Viburnum in Planters

As long as your viburnum has sun and moist well-drained soil it will be happy. Water the plant every few days or if the soil feels dry one inch down. An occasional trim of the branches will help promote new foliage and maintain the size or shape of the viburnum.

Watering Viburnum in Pots

In ground plants tend to be more drought tolerant than container grown plants. Depending on the material or color of the container, the soil can dry out a lot faster and the plant will suffer. If your viburnum does not get moisture from rain or sprinklers, then you will need to ensure that it is getting regular watering. If the soil feels dry one inch down, then the plant needs a drink. Depending on the temperatures in your area, this could mean a weekly deep watering or a daily slow drink of water. Do not allow the plant to sit in soggy soil for long periods of time. This can lead to root rot.


Fertilizing Viburnum in Pots

Viburnum will benefit from an application of fertilizer each spring. A slow release 10-10-10 fertilizer is all you need. The nitrogen helps with lush foliage. The phosphorus promotes healthy roots, stem, and flower growth. The potassium helps the viburnum to absorb the nutrients.


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Author Chris Link - Published 02-19-2021