Are Peruvian Lilies Deer Resistant?

Peruvian Lily, also known as Alstroemeria, is a flowering plant from South America. This summertime bloomer is an herbaceous perennial in zones 7 through 10. Since this plant only has vegetation during the spring and summer, it is only susceptible to foraging animals during that time. Deer and other animals tend to leave Peruvian Lilies alone, and this plant does not typically fall victim to hungry critters. Animals are more likely to eat other more desirable plants during the spring and summer when abundant greenery is available.


Keeping Deer Away From Peruvian Lilies

It’s not typically necessary to take steps to keep deer away from Peruvian Lilies since the plant is generally left alone. You can discourage deer and other animals inclined to eat Peruvian Lilies by placing the plants behind a fence or using scent-based repellents. Feature the plants near a high-traffic area, like a deck or patio, to further discourage animals from damaging the plants.

Will Peruvian Lilies Come Back After Deer Eat Them?

Peruvian Lilies can come back after being damaged by animals, but plants that sustain significant damage may not bounce back immediately. The plant needs foliage to collect sunlight and support new growth; if most of the leaves remain, the plant is more likely to come back after deer eat them. The plant may fail to recover if all of the leaves are eaten. Peruvian Lilies are vigorous growers, so damaged plants will fill in a bed in a few short years.