Peruvian Lilies Aren't Blooming

Peruvian Lilies are available in various flower colors and often feature dark-colored flecks near the center that offer added dimension and visual interest. This plant continues to bloom all summer, and the flowers can last for weeks when cut and featured in arrangements. Peruvian Lilies have dark green, lance-shaped foliage that complements the blooms; however, the flowers are the main attraction, which is why it is disappointing if the plant does not bloom. Find out why Peruvian Lily plants may not bloom and what to do to encourage your plant to set buds.


Common Reasons Why Peruvian Lily Isn’t Blooming

Peruvian Lilies are herbaceous perennials in zones 7 through 10. These plants are normally grown as annuals in colder growing zones. Newly planted Peruvian Lilies or plants that have been significantly cut back may only bloom if they have had enough time to store up the necessary energy to set flowers. Plants that are overcrowded or plants that do not receive enough sunlight may be unable to bloom. Peruvian Lilies are not heavy feeders, but plants in poor-quality soil may need help pushing out flowers.

Pruning Peruvian Lily To Help It Bloom

The Peruvian Lily's deep green foliage stores energy to support the plant. Removing foliage during the growing season may inhibit the plant’s ability to build up enough energy for flowers. Peruvian Lilies respond well to deadheading to keep plants from setting seed. In addition, this plant can become leggy near the end of the growing season, and trimming can encourage a bushier growth habit and another flush of flowers; however, removing too much growth can have the reverse effect. Aim for removing no more than one-third of the growth at a time.


Fertilizing Peruvian Lily To Help It Bloom

Proper nutrition encourages Peruvian Lilies to push out leaves and flower buds, but improper fertilization can negatively impact flowering. Peruvian Lily plants prefer a light feed formulated for flowering plants. Plant food high in nitrogen may reduce flowering. Increased levels of nitrogen encourage foliage growth, which means the plant will push out lovely foliage, but at the expense of flowers. Read the packaging to ensure you are using the proper fertilizer and follow the instructions to apply the correct dosage and encourage abundant blooms.

Get Peruvian Lily To Produce More Blooms

Keep Peruvian Lilies blooming by providing the best care possible. Peruvian Lily plants prefer lots of bright sunlight, a balanced diet, and about one inch of water per week. Plants that receive ideal care will be more likely to bloom since they are not struggling. Help your plant bloom and look its best by ensuring all of the plant’s needs are met.

Why Peruvian Lily Isn’t Blooming

  • Make sure the Peruvian Lilies are receiving bright sunlight.
  • Deadhead spent blooms as they appear.
  • Apply a balanced fertilizer once in the spring or monthly for potted plants.
  • Water the plants weekly or as needed.
  • Avoid pruning during the growing season and remove all growth in the fall.
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Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 01-27-2023