Watering Peruvian Lilies

Peruvian Lilies are flowering plants native to South America. These tall, upright plants prefer to grow in damp conditions and require water frequently to thrive. While these plants like moisture, overwatering is a problem, so learning to water Peruvian Lily plants properly is vital to enjoying the beautiful blooms. 


How To Tell If Peruvian Lilies Need Watered

The foliage may wilt or droop when the plant needs water. In very dry conditions, the foliage may die, and petals may fall off the flowers. Plants showing signs of water stress are in a severe state of dehydration. Water immediately to address the issue and preemptively water the plant to avoid stress. Peruvian Lilies are susceptible to overwatering, but well-draining soil will help reduce the risk of root rot. 

How Often To Water Peruvian Lilies

Newly planted Peruvian Lilies need consistent water for the first couple of weeks. Keep the soil damp but not soggy. Plants that receive increased sunlight may dry out more quickly and require water more often.

Established Peruvian Lily plants need about one inch of water per week. Give the plant a drink weekly or when the soil is dry. Plants may dry out more quickly during a heat wave and require water more often. If you are worried about whether you can overwater Peruvian Lily, then know that you can, but well-draining soil will help minimize the risk.

Potted plants need water more often because they dry out more quickly. Container-grown Peruvian Lilies may need water daily, especially during the warmer months.


Best Time To Water Peruvian Lilies

Mornings or early in the day are generally the best times to water Peruvian Lilies. This plant thrives in warm climates, and giving them water in the morning allows them to hydrate before the afternoon sun heats up. 

How To Water Peruvian Lilies

Step 1 - Check the top layer of soil.

If the soil is dry, then water the plant right away. If the soil is moist, wait until it is dry to water.

Step 2 - Apply water to the ground near the base of the plant.

Water the ground around the plant, so the roots get moisture, but the foliage stays as dry as possible.

Step 3 - Routinely check the plant.

Check on the plant for signs of water stress and water as needed.

Peruvian Lily Watering Tips

  • Feel the soil near the base of the plant
  • Water when the top layer of the ground is dry
  • Saturate the ground, so the entire root system is damp
  • When possible, water the ground and keep the greenery dry


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Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 01-26-2023