Peruvian Lily Winter Care

The striking blooms of the Peruvian Lily brighten up an outdoor space, and they make wonderful and long-lasting cut flowers. Peruvian Lilies grow as perennials in zones 7 through 10. These plants are not cold hardy, and all vegetation dies in the fall. Peruvian Lilies are dormant during the winter, and they require minimal preparation in the fall to take on the winter weather.


Protecting Peruvian Lilies in Winter

Winter protection is not typically necessary for Peruvian Lilies. All of the growth dies in the fall, so there is no vegetation to protect. All additional care is optional in zones 8 through 10 since the winter weather is not likely to be cold enough to damage the roots. Zone 7 can experience cold enough weather that can be damaging to the roots, so pack leaves or mulch over the ground to insulate the roots from the winter chill.

Cutting Back Peruvian Lilies For Winter

The leaves die back in the fall, and the Peruvian Lily plant goes dormant. Keep the leaves in place for as long as possible because the plant is storing energy in its roots for the next growing season. The vegetation can be cut back when it shows signs of decline. Prune the Peruvian Lily for winter by trimming the leaves and stems back to the ground level.


Peruvian Lily Winter Care In Pots

Peruvian Lilies grown in pots will need to be cut back in the fall, just like plants growing in the ground. Potted plants can be left outdoors in the warmer reaches of this plant’s growing range. In zones 7 and 8 and in areas where Peruvian Lilies are grown as annuals, move the pot containing the roots to a protected area. The container does not need to be in a heated space; it just needs to be out of cold winter weather and protected from frost. A garage, shed, or basement are all suitable winter locations for a potted Peruvian Lily.

Watering Peruvian Lilies In Winter

Since Peruvian Lilies are dormant during the winter, the plant does not need water. Let the soil dry out; do not water while the plant is dormant unless the plant receives no natural precipitation. Resume watering the plant when new growth emerges in the spring.

Growing Peruvian Lilies Indoors

Peruvian Lilies are herbaceous perennials that are dormant during the winter, so they are not ideal houseplants. All of the greenery dies in the fall, and the tuberous roots use the winter to prepare for the following growing season. Potted plants need to be kept away from cold winter temperatures, but there is no greenery or flowers to admire during the winter. 


Steps To Care For Peruvian Lilies In Winter

Winter care is minimal for Peruvian Lilies. This plant is an herbaceous perennial, and the growth dies back in the fall. Remove the foliage, ensure the roots are protected if cold temperatures are possible, and wait for new growth to appear in the spring.

Step 1 - Leave the greenery in place until it shows signs of decline

Step 2 - Use clean shears to remove the fading vegetation at soil level in the fall

Step 3 - Pack organic mulch or leaves around the plant in zone 7

Step 4 - Moved potted plants to a protected area away from cold weather and severe storms


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Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 01-26-2023