Avens Winter Care

Lush greenery and bold flowers make Avens a landscape standout during the summer. This clump-forming perennial is easy to maintain and features stunning single or double blooms. Avens, also known as Geum, grows in USDA zones 3 through 9. This flowering plant is an herbaceous perennial in areas with cold winter weather and is evergreen in warmer areas. The type of care differs depending on the region, but winter care is necessary to help your Avens thrive. 


Protecting Avens in Winter

Avens plants do not normally need protection during the winter. Plants in zones 8 and 9 can grow as an evergreen during the winter. Cover the plant if the forecast calls for unseasonable cold temperatures or a frost. Place an upside-down bucket or secure a tarp over the plant to protect against a damaging chill.

Cutting Back Avens For Winter

Avens grow as herbaceous perennials in cold growing zones. The plant’s growth will die back when exposed to freezing temperatures, so most gardeners cut the stems to a few inches tall in the fall. The flowering stems can be cut back in warmer areas, and the foliage can be left in place.


Avens Winter Care in Pots

Potted Avens should be moved to a protected area during the winter. The foliage will die in cold weather, but the roots will produce new growth in the spring if they are spared from freezing temperatures. Move the container to a garage, basement, or shed. 

Watering Avens in Winter

Perennials only need water when the plant is actively growing. Avens go dormant during the winter, so it is unnecessary to water. The plant may continue to grow near the southern end of its range, so water if the plant is pushing out new growth. Otherwise, wait until new growth emerges in the spring to start watering again.

Growing Avens Indoors

Avens in containers can overwinter inside. Geum plants will retain their greenery in warm weather, and a home is warm enough for this plant to hold onto its lovely foliage. Avens need a lot of sunlight to grow and bloom, so the plant is not likely to flower inside. However, this stunner can grow as a houseplant and put on a foliage showcase during the colder months.

Steps To Care For Avens in Winter

Avens are easy plants to maintain during the winter. All of the growth will die back in cold regions, so winter care involves preemptively trimming back growth. This plant is evergreen in areas with warm winters, and in this instance, winter care consists of covering the plant if unseasonably cold weather is in the forecast.

Step 1 - Cut back all growth to a few inches tall in the fall in cold areas

Step 2 - Remove dead or damaged growth, but leave the foliage intact in areas with mild winter weather

Step 3 - Move potted Avens inside or to a protected area during the winter


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Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 08-23-2022