Growing Avens in Pots

Avens can grow well in pots. This flowering perennial has single or double blooms in shades of yellow, pink, or orange that are offset by lush green foliage with scalloped edges. Growing Avens or Geum in pots makes it possible to display the lovely blooms on a deck or patio while also enjoying this plant in areas that may not otherwise be the best fit. Creeping varieties of Avens are a good match for hanging baskets since the stems will hang and nicely showcase the flowers.


Planting Avens in Pots

Plant Avens in pots during the spring. This summertime bloomer needs time to settle in before pushing out buds, so spring planting gives the roots time to acclimate. Place the container in a spot that receives full to partial sun. The container can be any material, but it must have drainage so that excess water will run through the container.

Best Soil For Avens in Pots

Avens need rich potting soil that has medium moisture and drains well. A hole in the bottom of the pot prevents the soil from becoming soggy, damaging the roots. Amend the soil with organic compost to feed the plant and encourage abundant growth.

Caring For Avens in Planters

Avens are easy to grow, even in pots or containers. This clump-forming perennial needs rich, well-drained soil. Place the pot in full to partial sun and water when the top couple of inches of soil are dry. Select a container with drainage so water can flow through the pot.


Watering Avens in Pots

Water potted Avens when the top couple of inches are dry. Container-grown plants need water more often because the soil dries out quickly. Water Avens in pots less often when there is rain or more often during periods of drought.

Fertilizing Avens in Pots

Feed Avens in pots monthly using a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer. Container-grown plants need fertilizer more often than plants in the ground because the nutrients in the potting soil are eventually flushed through the soil due to the more frequent watering.

Winter Care For Avens in Pots

Move potted Avens into a protected space during the winter. The growth will die back when the weather turns chilly, and the plant will go dormant; moving the container to a basement, shed, or garage will protect the roots from cold weather. Container Avens can be left outdoors during the winter in warm areas, but cover the plant if cold weather is forecasted.

Growing Avens Indoors

Avens go dormant during the winter, and the growth will die back in cold areas. This plant will retain its foliage and grow as an evergreen in areas with warm winter weather. Moving a potted plant inside to a protected and warm area will encourage the greenery to stay in place. The plant may not bloom since it requires a lot of sunlight for that to happen, but it can easily overwinter indoors.

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Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 08-23-2022