Watering Avens

Watering is an essential part of plant care, especially for newly planted perennials. Understanding how to water your Avens will set your plant up for success and prolong its lifespan. The root system needs regular water to support the striking foliage and lovely blooms, but too much water can be damaging. Providing enough water at necessary times allows Avens to thrive.


How To Tell If Avens Needs Watered

Avens tell you when they are too dry and need water. Dry plants will have drooping stems and wilted leaves. The tips of the leaves may turn yellow or dry, and even the soil may look dry and cracked. The leaves of overwatered plants will turn yellow, starting at the edges with the discoloration creeping towards the center.

How Often To Water Avens

Water newly planted Avens every few days to help the plant acclimate. This plant does not like to be soggy, so wait to water when the top inch of soil is dry. Consistent water helps the plant develop a strong root system, ensuring years of healthy growth.

Established Avens need about one inch of water per week. Water when the top few inches of soil are dry. You can overwater Avens, so do not water if the soil is wet. Too much water can cause root rot and be fatal for this perennial.

Water potted Avens more frequently than plants in the ground. The soil dries out more quickly in containers, so check the soil and water every couple of days or as often as daily during a dry spell.


Best Time To Water Avens

The best time to water Avens is the morning, when temperatures are cooler and the risk of evaporation is lower. Apply water at the base of the plant, ideally using a soaker hose or drip irrigation system. These systems keep target water to the root zone of the plant, where it needs it most. Applying the water slowly allows the roots time to absorb more of the moisture. 

Geum goes dormant in the winter and will not need supplemental water at that time. Natural rainfall is enough to keep the roots from drying out completely. In the summer, you can start a consistent watering schedule, and provide about an inch of water per week over 1-2 watering sessions.  


How to Water Avens

Step 1 - Feel the soil near the base of the plant.

Water Avens when the top several inches of soil feels dry. Do not water if the soil is wet. 

Step 2 - Saturate the soil around the plant.

Drench the soil to saturate the roots completely.

Step 3 - Water the ground around the plant.

Water at the base of the plant to keep the leaves dry when possible.

Avens Watering Tips

  • Water when the soil feels dry.
  • Avens do not like soggy conditions.
  • Drench the ground to establish a strong root system.
  • Avens need about one inch of water per week.
  • Potted Avens need water every few days.

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