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Planting in Odd Or Even Numbers

February 28th 2020

When you love to garden, it is so easy to buy one of every plant you love. It's good to be surrounded by houseplants or outdoor plants that bring you joy; that's part of the reason people have plants! But it is far better to have a plan going in – either from a designer or from your own research and desire – so you can have several types of plants but pleasing design and easy maintenance!read more

Moving Long Distances with Plants

Jul 15th 2019

So it’s time to move, and you stare lovingly at your beloved indoor house plants and budding outdoor shrubs, wondering how you will successfully transport them to your new home. While not as easy as tossing your clothes and furniture in a truck, plants can make the trek, even if all the way across the country. You just have to prepare. Checklist For Moving With Plants  Before setting oread more

10 Fantastic Low-Maintenance Plants for Shade

Jul 11th 2019

Add a few of these shady characters to your garden then sit back and enjoy. Not only will they make your yard more beautiful, you’ll enjoy it more with less work. Just remember that few plants grow in deep shade, but as long as these plants receive a couple hours of sun per day, you’re good!Low-Maintenance Shrubs As mentioned in Low-Maintenance Plants for Full Sun, shrubs are tread more

10 Fantastic Low-Maintenance Plants for Full Sun

Jun 18th 2019

Low Maintenance Shrubs When it comes to low maintenance, think shrubs. As long as you give them enough room to grow when you plant them, shrubs are the workhorses of the garden, providing structure and presence and oftentimes flowers and great fall color. Pay close attention to the size the shrub will get when it is mature—height and width—and give it enough space when you plant. Then put away tread more

4 Tips for Growing Azaleas in Pots

Nov 3rd 2018

Azaleas are a beautiful flower that most people find outdoors. But, perhaps you want them in your home. Here are 4 tips for growing azaleas in pots:Are you are searching for a low maintenance plant that will brighten up your garden all year round? Then look no further!The azalea plant is not only easy to look after but can add gorgeous splashes of color to your garden, even on those dull winter da … read more

The Harry Potter Garden

Oct 2nd 2017

While at the Buffalo Walk in Buffalo, NY, we visited an incredibly creative garden by Jim Charlier. He had taken a lot of time and effort putting this garden together, that focuses on different plants and other things found in the series. Oh and he just happens to be one of the organizers for the amazing event, which is a great attraction for the city and had played a major role in the city's r read more