Growing Lungwort in Pots

Lungwort can grow well in pots and most types of planters. Their upright growth habit is not conducive for hanging baskets. Mature plants can reach 6 to 12 inches tall, making Lungwort an excellent filler in a container. Feature container-grown Lungwort on a covered porch or patio, as these plants like partial sun to shade. Lungwort grown in containers requires more care and attention than plants grown in the ground. You need to be prepared for an additional commitment to watering and fertilizing, but you can enjoy more flexible placement options.


Planting Lungwort in Pots

Spring is the best time of the year to plant Lungwort in pots. These plants are spring bloomers, so giving them an early start will allow you to enjoy the flowers. Place potted Lungwort in partial sun to shade. One to two Lungwort plants can live in an 18-inch container. The ideal container for Lungwort will be glazed ceramic, plastic, or metal. These materials will prevent the soil from drying out too quickly, although the container must have drainage holes so excess water can run through. 

Best Soil For Lungwort in Pots

Plant potted Lungwort in rich, moist soil. The soil must be well drained to prevent root rot. The soil can have a neutral to alkaline pH. Avoid soil made from peat moss, which can alter the pH and harm the plant. Most potting mixes are good for Lungwort plants.

Caring For Lungwort in Planters

Lungwort in pots requires a bit more care than plants in the ground. Container-grown plants have increased water needs, and Lungwort is a thirsty plant to start. Monitor potted Lungwort more often to ensure the plant is not too wet but not too dry. Otherwise, the care is similar to plants in the ground.


Watering Lungwort in Pots

Lungwort plants have medium water needs, so they don’t like to dry out, but they also don’t like to be constantly wet. Potted Lungwort plants may need water as often as every day in warm southern climates. Water potted Lungwort plants when the top few inches of the soil are dry. Drench the soil until water drains through the container. Plants that receive more sun than shade will need water more often. Water Lungwort daily during a drought or dry spell.

Fertilizing Lungwort in Pots

Lungwort grows well in rich soil amended with organic compost. The soil can also be amended with manure, but manure might be too strong for Lungwort. Lungwort is not a heavy feeder; however, a dose of balanced fertilizer in the spring and again mid-summer will support healthy growth. Plants in the ground only need one fertilizer application, but potted plants are watered more often, which leaches nutrients from the soil. A second dose of fertilizer for potted Lungwort plants is not required, but it is helpful.

Winter Care For Lungwort in Pots

Winter care for potted Lungwort plants depends on where you live. In areas with mild winter weather, container-grown Lungwort plants should be cut back in the fall to remove dead or straggly growth. The plant can be left outdoors as long as the temperature does not get too cold. Cover or move the plant to a protected area if the forecast calls for severe weather.

Potted Lungwort plants grown in cold climates can be cut back to ground level in the fall. The container should be moved to a protected area, like a basement, shed, or garage. The plant does not need to be in a heated space, but it needs to be out of freezing temperatures and snow, hail, and sleet. The roots of potted plants are more vulnerable to cold temperatures, so container-grown Lungwort needs protection from the cold winter chill.

Growing Lungwort Indoors

Lungwort can spend the winter indoors and be grown as a houseplant. Plants grown inside require medium to bright indirect sunlight. Since light levels inside are not as bright, Lungwort plants can handle more light when brought into a home. East- or west-facing windows are a good location for potted Lungwort plants. Water indoor potted Lungwort when the top half of the soil is dry.

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Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 05-10-2023