Lungwort Winter Care

Lungwort is a flowering perennial that blooms in early spring. Depending on the cultivar, this plant lives in growing zones 3 through 8. As one of the first plants to emerge in the spring, Lungwort needs proper winter care to ensure it is ready when the temperature warms up. Winter care for Lungwort is easy and consists of preparations made in the fall.


Protecting Lungwort in Winter

Lungwort plants do not need much protection in the winter. Plants in regions with warm winter weather can typically be left uncovered, although you may want to protect the plant if the forecast calls for frost or freezing weather. In cold areas, cover Lungwort plants with a thick layer of mulch to insulate the roots from hard freezes.

Cutting Back Lungwort For Winter

Plants grown in the southern reaches of the growing range are evergreen and can retain their foliage during the winter. Prune Lungwort in the fall to remove overgrowth. Lungwort plants grown in cold climates should be cut back to ground level in the fall. The growth will die after the first frost, so you can preemptively trim the growth or wait until the frost kills the foliage.

Lungwort Winter Care in Pots

Move potted Lungwort plants to a protected space during the winter. The plant can stay put in areas with mild winters, but roots are more vulnerable to cold weather in pots. Store the potted plant in a shed, garage, or basement. Potted Lungwort does not need to be in a heated space; it just needs to be out of severe weather.

Watering Lungwort in Winter

It isn’t necessary to water Lungwort plants during the winter. The plant is dormant and does not need any care or attention. Plants in the ground can be watered starting in the spring only if the conditions are dry. Potted Lungwort plants can be watered when the weather is warm and new growth appears.

Growing Lungwort Indoors

Lungwort plants can be moved indoors for the winter. Potted plants that overwinter inside should be pruned to remove overgrowth. Place the plant in a sunny window and water when the top few inches of soil are dry.

Steps To Care For Lungwort in Winter

Winter care for Lungwort plants is easy. These plants are dormant during the winter, and they mostly need protection in the fall to help them overwinter. The amount of protection depends on the intensity of winter weather in the area.

Step 1 - Cut back overgrowth on Lungwort plants grown in areas with mild winters.

Step 2 - Remove all growth after the first frost.

Step 3 - Place a layer of mulch around the Lungwort plant to protect the roots from cold weather.

Step 4 - Cover the plant in warm areas if the weather calls for a cold snap.

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