Pruning Lungwort

Pruning is an important part of Lungwort plant care. Trimming the plants at the appropriate times ensures the plants look tidy while also encouraging new growth. Overgrown plants can look straggly and may not bloom or only have limited flowers. Removing excess growth enables the Lungwort plant to refocus energy into new growth and flowers instead of trying to support leggy growth or past prime flowers. Different methods of pruning Lungwort depend on the time of year and what you wish to accomplish.


When to Prune Lungwort

Lungwort produces flowers that grow on tall stalks. As the flowers fade, the stems will also begin to die. The flower stalk will become floppy, and the leaves will die. Prune the entire stalk when the flowers die. It’s normal for some leaves to wither in hot climates, and declining foliage can be removed anytime.

Prune Lungwort at the end of the growing season, but the extent of the pruning depends on your growing zone. In mild winter climates, Lungwort can grow as an evergreen and should be trimmed to remove leggy growth. This light trim prepares the plant for winter. In cold regions, Lungwort grows as an herbaceous perennial and should be cut back to the ground level after the first frost.


Why Prune Lungwort

Pruning Lungwort plants cleans up the appearance and encourages new growth. Declining flowers, foliage, and drooping stems are unsightly, so removing this growth makes for a smaller but more visually appealing plant. Removing dead and dying growth also rejuvenates new growth, creating a full and bushy plant. Deadheading Lungwort can also potentially prolong the bloom cycle. 

How to Prune Lungwort

Step 1 - Observe the Lungwort plant for dying or leggy growth.

Cut back the entire flower stalk when the blooms start to fade.

Step 2 - Inspect the plant for declining foliage.

Some Lungwort leaves may decline in the summer heat and can be removed as necessary.

Step 3 - Trim the plant back in the fall.

Cut the top of the plant, creating a smaller, bushier Lungwort plant in areas with mild winters. Cut all growth back to the ground in areas with cold winters.

Lungwort Pruning Tips

  • Deadhead Lungwort plants by removing the entire flower stalk
  • Remove declining foliage
  • Prune Lungwort stems in the fall in areas with mild winters
  • Trim all Lungwort growth to the ground in the northern reaches of its growing range


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Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 05-04-2023