Lungwort Isn't Blooming

The name Lungwort is in direct contrast to the lovely flowers that bloom on this perennial. Pink bell-shaped blooms gently nod and transition into a purplish-blue color. The flowers are a wonderful source of pollen for bees. It’s disappointing when Lungwort plants do not bloom, but it is a fixable problem. Depending on the cause, getting the plant to set flowers may take a long-term solution. Here’s what you need to do to get Lungwort plants to bloom.


Common Reasons Why Lungwort Isn’t Blooming

Many factors impact the health of a plant, like Lungwort, and any of these issues can prevent the plant from blooming. Lungwort plants need partial sun to shade, and plants that receive too much or not enough light may not bloom well. An unexpected cold snap at the start of the growing season can damage the plant and delay blooming. Lungwort plants have moderate water needs, and plants that are dehydrated may not bloom.

Pruning Lungwort To Help It Bloom

Lungwort plants send up tall flower spikes. These stalks can be removed when the flowers start to fade. Deadheading Lungwort can encourage new growth. Removing the flower stalks prematurely will prevent the plant from blooming.

Fertilizing Lungwort To Help It Bloom

Rich soil with high organic content is best for Lungwort plants. One dose of balanced fertilizer in the spring can also help Lungwort plants thrive, although these plants are not heavy feeders. Using improper plant food, like a product high in nitrogen, will prevent Lungwort plants from blooming. Overfertilizing Lungwort plants may promote foliage growth over flowering.


Get Lungwort To Produce More Blooms

Sticking to a proper fertilizing routine and deadheading Lungwort plants will encourage a full blooming cycle. This plant needs one application of balanced fertilizer at the start of the growing season. Resist the urge to feed the plant more often because it will harm the plant. Remove the flower stalks when the blooms fade so the plant can redirect energy into new growth. This will keep Lungwort plants pushing out new growth and looking beautiful.

Why Lungwort Isn’t Blooming

  • Inadequate sunlight
  • Over or underwatering
  • Improper pruning techniques
  • Too much fertilizer
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Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 05-10-2023