Growing Purslane in Pots

Purslane grows well in pots, making it easy to add lush greenery and lovely flowers to a porch or outdoor space. This succulent features brightly colored flowers that can be used to line a walkway, frame a front door, or add a burst of color to a balcony. The reaching stems will spill over the edge of a planter, or display Purslane in hanging baskets so the flowering stems can trail.


Planting Purslane in Pots

Purslane grows as an annual in most areas, so plant it in the spring when the temperature is consistently warm to make the most of the growing season. This blooming succulent needs full sunlight, so choose a sunny spot. A 12-inch container is large enough for six 4-inch plants. Select a container with drainage because Purslane does not like wet feet. Purslane is adaptable and can grow in most planters, but terracotta is a good choice because it will allow the soil to dry out.

Best Soil For Purslane in Pots

This plant is not picky, and a regular potting mix is suitable for Purslane. Soil that promotes drainage is essential, and it’s a bonus if the soil is neutral to acidic. Purslane can grow in poor-quality soil but amend the mix with organic compost to support abundant growth.

Caring For Purslane in Planters

Purslane is easy to grow, whether in a landscape or a container. Potted Purslane plants require slightly more care, but these plants are low maintenance overall. These plants look lovely in a hanging basket since the stems naturally trail.


Watering Purslane in Pots

Water Purslane in pots when the top one inch of the soil is dry. Feeling the soil is the best way to determine the ideal time to water. Plan to water potted Purslane twice a week, but be aware of rainfall and adjust your watering routine as needed. Purslane is drought tolerant, but potted plants dry out quickly, so the plant may need very routine watering.

Fertilizing Purslane in Pots

Watering leaches nutrients from potting soil, causing potted plants to require regular fertilizing. Purslane are not heavy feeders, but nutritional support helps the plants thrive. Feed potted Purslane using a balanced fertilizer monthly during the spring and summer. Water-soluble fertilizer is a good choice for container plants because fertilizing can be combined with regular watering.

Winter Care For Purslane in Pots

Purslane grows as an annual in most areas. This plant cannot handle winter weather outside of zones 10 and 11. Potted Purslane grown in warm climates may survive the winter outdoors. In cold temperatures, move the container to a protected area like a basement or garage. The plant is more likely to survive winter when kept in a heated area.

Growing Purslane Indoors

Container plants can be brought indoors and grown as houseplants. Place potted Purslane in a spot that receives bright sunlight, like a south-facing window. A warm spot away from drafty windows or exterior doors is preferred because Purslane likes warm conditions. Cut back overgrowth and water when the top inch of the soil is dry.

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Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 04-20-2023