Purslane Diseases

Purslane is a low-maintenance succulent commonly grown as an annual. This plant flowers from the late spring through late summer are often grown as ground cover in landscape beds or a spiller in containers. Purslane does not suffer from many diseases and is a relatively healthy plant. However, Purslane is susceptible to some conditions.

  • White rust
  • Botrytis


Purslane White Rust

Rust is a term used to describe fungal diseases in plants. White rust is a fungus-like disease that affects Purslane. This fast-moving disease can quickly overtake a plant.

Identifying White Rust

White rust on Purslane first appears as yellow spots that transition to chalky-white raised blisters. These spots stand out against the green foliage. The leaves also appear wilted and lighter in color than usual.

Treating White Rust

Unfortunately, there is no treatment for white rust on Purslane. Once a plant is infected, there is no way to cure it. The disease can spread so quickly that an entire plant can easily fall victim. The only treatment available is to remove and destroy the plant. Removing the infected Purslane will help prevent the spread and protect nearby plants.

Purslane Botrytis

Botrytis, also known as gray mold or blight, is a fungal disease that affects Purslane. Purslane thrives in warm, sunny weather, and as a succulent, this plant likes to dry out between watering. Plants exposed to cool, damp spring weather, followed by cool summer weather, are likely to develop botrytis. The foliage, stems, and flowers can be affected.

Identifying Botrytis

Botrytis appears as brown spots that develop gray spores. The plant will be covered in a furry, gray fungus as the disease spreads.

Treating Botrytis

Botrytis in Purslane can be treated by removing infected areas immediately. Move the plant to a spot that receives direct sunlight and allow the soil to dry out before watering. Only water the plant in the morning and water the soil, keeping the plant as dry as possible. The plant will have to be destroyed if botrytis spreads.

Purslane Disease Chart




White Rust

Raised, white spots on leaves

Discard the entire plant


Brown spots and later gray mold

Remove affected plant, increase sunlight


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