Loropetalum Aren't Blooming

Author Keri Byrum 6-23-2020

Loropetalum usually bloom in the spring and early summer months. Their delicate blooms can range from bright pink to white in color. They have a mild, spicy scent to add to their beauty. Loropetalum should bloom consistently in spring and occasionally will show a few blooms intermittently throughout the year. 


Common Reasons Why Loropetalum Aren’t Blooming

Loropetalum pruned at the end of winter or early in the spring may not have many flowers that year because their blooms have been pruned off. Next time, consider waiting until after your loropetalum flowers to cut back plants.

A loropetalum that doesn’t flower may not be getting enough sunlight. It’s possible that the plant can grow well but not have enough sunlight to flower. Look for nearby trees that might be creating too much shade for your loropetalum to flower.

Does Pruning Loropetalum Help Them Bloom

Pruning after blooming will help keep your plants healthy and may promote more blooms the following year. Fortunately, the small flowers of loropetalum will fall off on their own and will not require any “deadheading” or removal. 

Does Fertilizing Loropetalum Help Them Bloom

Loropetalum bloom in early spring and summer, so right after this is the best time to fertilize your plants. If this period has passed, you can fertilize anytime until early fall. Loropetalum prefers a slightly acidic soil so look for a slow-release granular fertilizer specific to acid-loving plants. 


How Do I Get Loropetalum To Produce More Blooms

Lucky for you, loropetalum look terrific all year thanks to their colorful foliage and graceful shape. It isn’t possible to make your plant bloom out of season, but the annual flowering will be a bonus to their beautiful leaves.

Why Isn’t My Loropetalum Blooming?

  • Wrong time of year; loropetalum bloom in spring and early summer
  • Plants were pruned in spring before flowering
  • Not enough sunlight

Author Keri Byrum - Published 06-26-2020