Watering Loropetalum

Loropetalum is an easy-going shrub and does not require a complicated watering routine. New plants need regular deep soaks to establish a strong root system. Mature plants exhibit drought tolerance and require water only during drought conditions. Whether in a container or planted in the ground, a well-watered loropetalum will survive in your garden and reward you with showy evergreen foliage and plentiful blooms. 


How to Tell if the Plant Needs Watered

The leaves on the tips of branches will be the first to tell if your loropetalum needs water. Look for drooping tips and folded leaves, indicating the shrub is thirsty. In containers, dry soil and a lighter weight indicate water is needed. This image is what the leaves look like on a well-watered shrub. 


How Often To Water Loropetalum

Newly planted loropetalum will need to be watered frequently while they grow roots into the new soil. If planted in the warmer months, your new loropetalum will need to be watered more frequently. During warm, dry weather, watering may be needed every other day to begin. Loropetalum planted in cooler months will need less frequent watering, although deep soaks to keep the soil evenly moist are important.

Once loropetalums are established, they will not need frequent watering. In areas with regular summer rainfall, loropetalum may not need any supplemental water. During extended periods of drought, plan to water once per week for your loropetalum to continue to look its best. 

Loropetalum in pots should be watered regularly to keep the soil moist. For most situations, this will mean watering once to twice per week. Plants will do best when they are watered deeply; look for water to come out the drainage holes of your pot to indicate that all of the soil is wet. This will encourage your loropetalum to develop a deep root system and become less dependent on frequent watering. 

Best Time To Water Loropetalum

Loropetalums do best when watered in the early morning hours. This gives the plant the moisture it needs to grow without having wet leaves through the evening hours that could lead to fungal issues. Plants are also able to take up water more easily in the cooler hours of the morning.

How to Water Loropetalum

Step 1 - Evaluate
Check the soil for moisture. Loropetalum will grow best with regular moisture. However, if there has been rain recently or is forecasted it may be best to wait.

Step 2 - Watering
Water your loropetalum deeply. A deep soak once a week is better than a sprinkling of water every day. Watering deeply encourages plants to develop a deep, drought-resistant root system.

Step 3 – Monitor
Curled leaves indicate loropetalum needs more water. The tips of the branches will show wilt first, so look there to determine if the soil is getting too dry.

Loropetalum Watering Tips

  • Regular watering will keep loropetalum growing healthy.
  • Water deeply rather than frequently to develop a deep root system.
  • Leaves at the branch tips will show wilting first to indicate watering is needed.

Author Keri Byrum - Published 06-26-2020