Are Loropetalum Deer Resistant?

Loropetalum or Chinese Fringe flowers are very deer resistant. They’re a great choice if deer pressure is a problem in your gardens or in the landscaped areas of your yard.

Keeping Deer Away From Loropetalum

Even though loropetalum are deer resistant, hungry deer will eat almost any plant. Spray your plants with commercially available scented deer repellent sprays, or place strongly scented bars of soap near your plants to repel deer. You may have to mix up the scent to keep them from becoming accustomed to it.

Protecting Loropetalum

If your area has a prolonged period of deep snow cover creating food scarcity, you may need extra protection from deer browsing. Drape deer netting around the portion of your loropetalum that deer can reach.  

Will Loropetalum Come Back After Deer Eat Them?

Remove any damaged stems in the spring. Loropetalum is a spring-blooming plant. Buds are formed in the fall so deer browsing may destroy the flower buds. Since flowers are produced on old wood, your loropetalum should flower the following year.


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 Author Maureen Farmer - Published 10-11-2021