Planting Loropetalum

Loropetalum, also called Chinese Witch Hazel or Chinese Fringe Bush, are easy to grow shrubs which will add an eye-catching element to your landscape. The colorful foliage of Loropetalum chinensis looks great all year and their delicate flowers in the spring months are an added bonus. 

What You Need To Plant Loropetalum

To plant loropetalum you will need a shovel and your plants of choice. Loropetalum look great when planted in groups, so set these out in their locations ahead of time to get spacing and placement correct. A light layer of mulch after planting will help keep the new roots moist and reduce weeds.



Where to Plant Loropetalum

Plant loropetalum in a location that is partial sun/partial shade. An area that receives sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon would be ideal. Loropetalum prefers slightly acidic soil, but if you have neutral soil using an acidic fertilizer once a year will help your plants to thrive. 

Loropetalum Plant Spacing

There are many different varieties of loropetalum with a wide range of sizes. Look at the mature size of your loropetalum before planting. This information is often available on the plant’s label or when purchasing online.


Loropetalum look great when planted in groups. Odd numbers are more aesthetically pleasing so groups of 3 or 5 plants work well.

Steps To Plant Loropetalum

Step 1. Decide where you will plant your shrubs. Set them in their new locations to verify placement.
Step 2. Dig a hold approximately the same depth as your plant’s current pot and 2-3 times the width.
Step 3. Remove your loropetalum from the pot and set in the hole. The soil in the pot should be level to the ground.
Step 4. Add soil back in around the plant. If desired, add a light layer of mulch around the top to help hold in moisture.
Step 5. Water the new shrubs thoroughly.

When to Plant Loropetalum

Loropetalum can be planted any time of year. If planting during summer months the shrubs will need extra water to get established during hot weather. 


Transplanting Loropetalum

Loropetalum can be moved to new locations but will need extra care. Do your best to dig up as large of mass of roots and soil as possible. When you are moving from one spot to another the plants should be pruned heavily at the same time because they will not have the root system to support their large branches. Your newly moved plants will need lots of water while they work to grow roots in their new location. 

Author Keri Byrum - Published 06-23-2020