Making Wreaths From Dried Hydrangea Flowers

We received an excellent tip from Barbara Kleppe.

She says "If you want to make wreaths out of your dried hydrangeas, before attaching them to a straw or foam wreath form with wire pins, immerse the flower heads in warm water for about 15 minutes. The flowers become pliable so that they can then be torn apart to the right size and attached to the wreath with little or no breakage. I leave the flowers in the water while I am working. The completed wreath must be dried again -- it takes about a day -- and afterward you have a lovely 'dried' wreath! This procedure eliminates, almost totally, breakage and loss of beautiful hydrangea blooms. Incidentally, you can use this method for other dried flowers as well. The results are striking!"

Thanks for that tip, Barbara!


Decorating With Hydrangeas For Christmas

Stunning Christmas tree ornaments, wreaths, and arrangements can be made with Hydrangeas. Leave bloom heads natural or spray them gold or silver or (believe it or not) red.

We have found that "gaudy" red blooms can make some of the most stunning displays. In arrangements, combine with fresh ivy, nandina berries and holly. On the tree, one can use a gold bow with each hydrangea head.


Please send us any ideas in the form below you have for decorating with hydrangeas. We'll try to put them onto this website so others can benefit from them. We would especially like to get any pictures you might have of your creations!

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Author Judith King - Published 10-17-2017