Nemesia Winter Care

Nemesia is an annual plant in most areas, and winter care is unnecessary. It may be possible to overwinter the plants in a container placed in a protected indoor area so that the plants can grow again in the spring. Some cultivars grow as tender perennials in regions with warm winter weather.


Protecting Nemesia in Winter

Most types of Nemesia cannot handle cold weather, and the plants can be removed from a bed or container in the fall after the last of the flowers fade. Plants left outdoors in chilly weather will die back. Container-grown plants may make it through the winter if the pot is moved to a protected area away from cold temperatures and the elements. Locate the container in a garage or basement.


Cutting Back Nemesia For Winter

Most gardeners in areas with cold winters discard Nemesia at the end of the growing season. The plant will die back in cold weather and can be removed and composted after the first frost. Nemesia goes dormant in warm areas during the winter, so the growth can be cut back to a few inches above the soil.

Nemesia Winter Care in Pots

Potted Nemesia may survive winter if the container is moved to a warm location. Cut the growth back to a few inches and move the container to a protected area. A garage or basement are good locations for Nemesia to overwinter. The plant needs to be in a protected space with temperatures above freezing.

Watering Nemesia in Winter

Nemesia plants only need water if the plant is actively growing. The plant is done growing for the season when it stops pushing out flowers. Stop watering when new growth stops. Plants that are dormant or overwintered in a protected area do not need water during the winter.

Growing Nemesia Indoors

Since Nemesia goes dormant during the winter, it is not an ideal houseplant. Nemesia will survive the winter in a container placed in a warm area, but new growth will not emerge until the spring.


Steps To Care For Nemesia in Winter

Nemesia is an annual, and many gardeners opt to remove the plant from a border or container in the fall when it is done blooming. This plant can grow as a tender perennial in climates with warm winter weather. Potted Nemesia may make it through the winter if the growth is cut back, and the container is moved to a warm and protected area.

Step 1 - Nemesia plants grown as annuals can be removed and composted

Step 2 - In warm climates where Nemesia grows as a tender perennial, cut the growth back in the fall and allow the plant to go dormant 

Step 3 - Container-grown Nemesia should be trimmed back in the fall, and the pot moved to a warm and protected area


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Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 09-01-2022