Growing Nemesia in Pots

Nemesia are good plants to feature in planters. The tubular flowers are available in various hues that make a bold statement on a porch or patio space. Nemesia is low maintenance, but potted plants require a bit more care to thrive and bloom. This plant is better suited to containers placed on steps or a tabletop, and the upright growth habit and size are not ideal for hanging baskets.


Planting Nemesia in Pots

Plant Nemesia in pots during the spring when the weather warms up. Use fertile potting soil that is slightly acidic and allows drainage. The container can be any material, but it is important that the container have drainage holes so that excess water can run through the pot. Place potted Nemesia in partial shade to sun.


Best Soil For Nemesia in Pots

The best potting soil for Nemesia should be slightly acidic and rich. This plant prefers fertile soil, so use a rich potting mix or amend the soil with organic compost. The soil should be moist but promote drainage. Add mulch around the base of the plant to help retain moisture.

Caring For Nemesia in Planters

Nemesia is an easy-care plant that grows in partial shade to sun, and prefers rich, slightly acidic soil. This is a thirsty plant that needs water on a routine schedule, and potted plants need water more often. Use a container with drainage, so the roots will not become soggy.


Watering Nemesia in Pots

Water potted Nemesia when the top couple inches of soil are dry to the touch. Rain will help sustain the plant. Do not water container-grown Nemesia if the soil is wet. Nemesia is not drought tolerant, so be prepared to water more frequently during a dry spell.

Fertilizing Nemesia in Pots

Rich soil is good for Nemesia and helps support abundant growth and flowers. Plants grown in containers benefit from fertilizing. Nutrients are flushed from the soil each time a plant is watered, and since potted plants need water more often, they lose a lot of nutritional content. Apply a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer to potted Nemesia plants every other week to promote growth and flowers. 

Winter Care For Nemesia in Pots

Nemesia is an annual in most areas and will die back when the weather turns cold. Potted Nemesia can be removed from the container and composted. The roots may survive the winter if the container is moved to a warm area, such as a basement or greenhouse. Cut the growth back to a few inches, move the plant to a protected spot, and new growth may emerge in the spring.

Growing Nemesia Indoors

Nemesia needs a dormancy period during the winter, so this plant is not an ideal houseplant. The growth will die back, and many gardeners remove all growth in the fall. Nemesia needs a rest period during the winter to recharge for spring.

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Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 09-01-2022