Pruning Nemesia

Do you need to prune Nemesia? This tender perennial is grown as an annual in most areas and does not require much maintenance, but some well-timed deadheading can keep Nemesia full of blooms. This plant cannot tolerate cold weather, so it will die back as soon as the weather turns chilly. While Nemesia can survive in warm climates, it needs a rest period and should be cut back in the fall. Trimming the plant back in the fall gives it time to regroup and return ready to go in the spring.


When to Prune Nemesia

Nemesia has an upright, rounded form and generally looks good, with minimal trimming or pruning. Dead or damaged growth can be cut away at any time. All growth can be cut back in the fall after the plant is done blooming. Nemesia grows as an annual in most areas because it cannot handle cold weather. This plant will grow as a perennial in warm climates, but cut back all growth to just above the ground level in the fall. Removing the plant after the flowers fade keeps garden beds looking tidy. You can store the plant in a greenhouse or basement if you would like to keep your plant alive over the winter.

Nemesia responds well to deadheading or removing spent flowers. Pinch back blooms as soon as they start to fade or show signs of dying. This plant can support multiple rounds of flowers and has a long bloom cycle. Removing spent flowers keeps the plant blooming and healthy.


Why Prune Nemesia

The plant will continue to support flowers even as they fade. Removing dying flowers maintains a clean appearance and allows the plant to redirect energy into new blooms. All Nemesia growth will die back in the fall. Remove the entire plant in areas with cold winter weather or trim the plant back to an inch or two above ground level in areas with winters that stay above freezing.

How to Prune Nemesia

Step 1 - Inspect the plant for dead or damaged growth
Use sheers to remove dead or damaged growth

Step 2 - Pinch back spent flowers
Flowers can be removed as soon as they start to fade to encourage more blooms

Step 3 - Remove growth in the fall after the last flowers fade
The entire plant can be removed in areas where Nemesia grows as an annual; cut the growth back to a few inches above the ground in areas with warm winter weather

Nemesia Pruning Tips

  • Remove dead or damaged growth as needed
  • Deadhead the plant as soon as flowers start to fade
  • Remove the entire plant when Nemesia is grown as an annual
  • Trim the plant back to a couple of inches above the ground in areas where Nemesia is grown as a tender perennial


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Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 09-01-2022