Hens & Chicks


  • Xeriscape & Waterwise Gardens
  • Grow in Retaining Walls
  • Containers & Planters


  • Drought Tolerant
  • Deer Resistant
  • Low Maintenance


  • Full Sun
  • 6+ Hours of Direct Sun

Growing Zones:

Hens and chicks, Sempervivum, are drought tolerant succulents that grow very well in full sunlight and poor soil conditions. The soil needs to drain well. Gardeners often plant these attractive rosettes in between the cracks of retaining walls, waterwise gardens & rock gardens.

Why Buy Hens and Chicks Online?

Hens and Chicks are in the Sempervivum genus of 40 flowering plants in the Crassulaceae family. Hens and chicks is the common name for a group of small succulent plants that have the ability to store water in their thick leaves. These plants are one of the most frost-resistant succulents and can survive in growing zone 3! Also known as hen-widdies, hen and biddies, houseleeks, rose cactus and live-forever.

Hens and chicks grow into small rosettes and can come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. There are also varieties that looks like spider webs are in the inside of the plant. The leaves can be green, brown, orange, magenta, red and purple.

The Best Way To Use Hens and Chicks

Most gardeners use hens and chicks as a groundcover for dry, sunny locations. These plants can grow in retaining walls with poor soil conditions and can tolerate full sun conditions with little water. When the plants are growing in good conditions, they can spread rapidly via offsets. The fact that the plant can store water in the thick leaves, allows it to be able to thrive in sunny and dry locations where most other plants wouldn’t survive. Most are hardy to US zone 3, and will handle warmer climates up to zone 9. These grow best in dry, well draining sandy soil to prevent soggy roots

  • One of the most frost-resistant succulents

  • Low maintenance

  • green, brown, orange, magenta, red and purple foliage

  • Thrive in harsh conditions

  • Growing zones 3 to 9

Hens & Chicks Companion Plants

Plants that go well with hens and chicks are sun loving annuals, perennials and shrubs that require excellent drainage and can handle drought or low water conditions. Some of our favorite plants to grow with sempervivum are sedum, yarrow, daylilies, agapanthus (african lily), and purslane. All of those plants grow great in rock gardens and other low water conditions.