Torenia Aren't Blooming

Trumpet-shaped blooms that typically have a dark eye are the main draw for Torenia. This plant is easy to maintain and thrives with minimal care, but the striking flowers that offer up consistent color all summer long are what keep gardeners coming back to this annual.

It can be very disappointing when Torenia plants are not flowering or when they have limited blooms. You can intervene to help and get this striking upright plant to flower. Find out what causes Torenia not to bloom and how you can get stubborn buds to open. 


Common Reasons Why Torenia Isn’t Blooming

  1. Sunlight

Wishbone Flower plants need partial shade, which works to about 4 hours of sunlight per day. Plants grown with limited light may not bloom. Too much sunlight can be equally damaging and may prohibit the plant from blooming. The easy solution in both instances is to move the plant to an area with increased light. The ideal spot will receive morning light and afternoon shade. 

  1. Water

After light, water is perhaps the most crucial part of caring for Torenia, and inadequate watering can impact blooming. This is a thirsty plant with high water needs, but proper drainage is necessary. Soggy conditions and standing water can be damaging and may prevent blooming. On the other hand, plants that dry out too much may fail to bloom. The most reliable way to determine when Torenia plants need water is to feel the soil and water when the top couple of inches are slightly damp.

  1. Fertilizer

Torenia plants are not heavy feeders, but giving the plants a boost of nutrition can keep the flowers coming. A balanced, water-soluble fertilizer every few weeks throughout the growing season will support new growth and blooms. Overfeeding plants can have a reverse effect and may prevent blooms from setting. Another potential issue is applying the incorrect plant food. Fertilizers high in nitrogen will produce lush foliage, but generally at the expense of blooms.

  1. Pruning

An aggressive trim can stress a plant and reduce or prevent flower production. Torenia can become leggy, and cutting back overgrowth can encourage blooms, but never trim more than one-third of the growth at a time.

Pruning Torenia To Help It Bloom

Pruning Torenia can help it bloom, but it is important to understand when and how to trim the plant. Long, straggly stems can be cut back to encourage more branching and dense growth. Severe trimming can shock the plant, and it may take time to bounce back. No more than one-third of the plant’s growth should be cut back at once. Deadheading is unnecessary since the spent flowers tend to naturally fall away, allowing the plant to maintain a neat appearance. 

Fertilizing Torenia To Help It Bloom

Plants not receiving balanced nutrition may fail to bloom, so fertilizing can be the solution. Torenia plants do best with balanced, water-soluble plant food applied at least every few weeks during the growing season. Too much fertilizer or incorrect fertilizer can be damaging. High levels of nitrogen will encourage foliage growth but can prevent flowers.

Get Torenia To Produce More Blooms

Get back to basics and provide ideal care to help a bare Torenia bloom. No flowers or limited flowers indicate the plant is stressed or not receiving adequate care. Proper light, water, and fertilizer will help the plant acclimate and thrive. Wishbone Flower plants naturally shed blooms, so removing waning flowers or deadheading the plant is not necessary. 


Why Torenia Isn’t Blooming

  • Inadequate levels of sunlight
  • Improper watering
  • Poor quality soil or inappropriate fertilizer
  • Severe pruning
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 Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 29-06-2022