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Torenia Care

Torenia Fournieri, the Bluewings or Wishbone Flower, is a member of the Linderniaceae family. A low-maintenance plant usually grown as a landscape annual, it is hardy in USDA zones 2-11. The primary color of flowers is dark blue-purple with yellow markings, but can be seen with white or pink flowers with yellow markings. Growing 6-12 inches tall and 6-9 inches wide, Wishbone Flowers grow best in rich, consistently moist and well-draining soil in an area with morning sun and afternoon shade. This versatile plant can grow almost anywhere, including borders, beds, containers, window boxes, and hanging baskets. 


Planting Torenia

Wishbone flowers are easy to grow and require very little care. Plant them in a rich loamy soil that is well drained. Choose a location that gets morning sun and afternoon shade. In hotter locations, full shade is best. Besides watering and occasional feeding, very little maintenance is necessary. Deadheading is not needed but can encourage additional flowering. 

Watering Torenia

Wishbone flowers prefer moist, well-drained soil. Water needs are moderate, and it is best to water the plant when the soil feels dry to the touch. Make sure that the roots are not sitting in soggy soil as this can cause root rot. Water the plant to a depth of 6-8 inches to ensure that the roots are soaked. Do not water again until the soil feels dry one inch down. It is best to water at the base of the plant ensuring that the foliage stays dry. 


Fertilizing Torenia

Wishbone flowers bloom from spring to fall. Routine fertilizing will ensure that your plant has enough nutrients to keep the flowers healthy and blooming. Fertilize Wishbone flowers two times a month. An all purpose granular or liquid fertilizer will do just fine. Water the plant well after application of fertilizer. 

Pruning Torenia

Wishbone flowers require very little maintenance. Deadheading is not necessary as this plant is self-cleaning. Self-cleaning means that the faded flowers will drop off on their own. For a bushier plant, pinch back the growing tips of the young plant. Each pinched tip will produce new growth. 


Caring For Torenia in Pots

Depending on the variety of Wishbone flower you choose will determine the type of container to use. Upright varieties work well in larger pots. Trailing varieties are good for hanging baskets or window boxes. Place the container in an area that gets morning sun and afternoon shade. Plant in a nutrient-rich soil and keep the soil consistently moist. Fertilize two times a month for continuous blooming.

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