Watering Torenia

Torenia is a compact annual that has moderate water requirements. Regular water helps Torenia thrive and grow healthy but finding the proper balance between too much and not enough is vital to the plant’s survival. We explain how to properly water Torenia so you can enjoy the striking blooms all summer long.


How To Tell If Torenia Needs Watered

Water Torenia when the soil just starts to dry out. The foliage will droop, and the soil will appear dry and cracked when the plant needs water, but it is best to give the plant a drink before this happens. The plant does not need water if the soil is damp. Watering when the soil is wet can be damaging and may cause the leaves to turn yellow, starting at the tips. Feeling the soil is the most reliable way to determine the best time to water.

How Often To Water Torenia

This plant has medium water needs and prefers consistently damp soil. Newly planted Torenia will need water when the top few inches of soil just start to feel dry.

An established watering routine will ensure mature plants continue to thrive during the growing season. Feel the soil, and water when the top layer is dry. Torenia plants love water, and while they do not want to be soggy, they like consistent moisture.

Too much of a good thing can be a problem when watering Torenia. Overwatering can cause root rot which can stunt the growth and even be fatal. 

Potted plants need water more often than plants in the ground because the soil dries out more quickly. Torenia grown in a pot will still need water when the top few inches of soil start to dry, but this will happen more rapidly. Be prepared to water potted Torenia plants every couple of days or daily in warm areas. 


Best Time To Water Torenia

A drink of water first thing in the morning before the plant dries out is generally best for Torenia. Watering the plant before the noontime sun beats down will ensure the plant is hydrated and able to take on the day. Although, any time the plant is showing signs of drying out is also an excellent time to give the Torenia water.

How to Water Torenia

Step 1 - Check the top couple of inches of soil.

Water when the soil is slightly damp to the touch. Wait to water if the soil feels wet.

Step 2 - Water the plant.

Saturate the ground to ensure the roots are evenly wet.

Step 3 - Water the ground around the plant.

Watering the ground and keeping the plant dry when possible is best. Keeping the foliage dry will reduce the odds of mold and mildew. 

Torenia Watering Tips

  • Torenia likes lots of water but does not like to be soggy.
  • Water when the top few inches of soil just start to feel dry.
  • Saturate the soil when watering to ensure the soil is evenly moist.
  • Potted Torenia plants will dry out more quickly and need water more often, possibly daily, depending on the weather.


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 Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 30-06-2022