Are Hollies Deer Resistant?

Deer will eat anything if they are hungry enough, including eating silk plants. Many times it is a herd preference. Deer are like people, some like Chinese food and others like Italian food. Some hollies are resistant but others aren’t.

Hollies That Are Deer Resistant

While not bulletproof, deer tend not to eat Inkberry, Japanese or Sky Pencil hollies. They may nibble if they are hungry enough or a young fawn may take a bite only to be told by mom there are better things in the garden to sample for dinner.

Hollies That Deer Prefer To Eat

The blue hollies are among the favored gourmet status. You can almost see them salivating while you are planting them. Just because they are poisonous to humans and pets, it doesn’t mean they are poisonous to the deer.


Keeping Deer Away From Hollies

You can use a deer repellent to keep them from nibbling your shrubs. They should be applied approximately every three weeks but more often if there has been a lot of rain. It is always a good idea to alternate at least two of them so that the deer don’t become accustomed to them. Skip the homemade remedies including hanging soap and bags of hair in the garden. The homemade liquid concoctions can damage plants and they don’t last very long.

There are also devices that make noise and have lights. They will only work for a short period of time so save your money. And while it won’t always be desirable, you can also protect your hollies with a wrap of burlap in the winter. Never use plastic of any kind. The burlap will allow them to breathe and still get light.

Will Hollies Come Back If Eaten By Deer?

If hollies are eaten to the nubs it will be difficult for them to return to their natural shape. The best thing is to protect them from the deer. If there is only minor damage, the plants should come back no problem.

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 Author Denise Schreiber - Published 10-11-2021