Are Weigela Poisonous?

Safety is essential, and whenever children or pets are around plants, it is very valid to be concerned about what would happen if part of a plant were eaten. Curious kids and animals have been known to snack on foliage or flowers, so being better acquainted with the plants in and around your home can ensure everyone is safe. Weigela is a perennial shrub that is not poisonous. No part of the plant is harmful if touched or ingested. Weigela is safe to be around children and pets.


Are Weigela Poisonous to Children?

No part of the Weigela plant is harmful in any way to children. Touching the plant or ingesting the plant will not cause any problems or issues. Weigela is safe to have in an area children can access. Weigela is a child-friendly shrub that provides beautiful blooms during the spring, and it makes a striking and safe addition to an outdoor space.

Are Weigela Poisonous to Dogs?

Dogs will be safe if they eat or come into contact with Weigela. This flowering shrub is not poisonous to dogs and puppies. Eating too much of anything may cause an upset stomach, so a dog may be ill if they consume a large quantity of Weigela flowers or foliage, but it is not fatal.

Are Weigela Poisonous to Cats?

Weigela is a safe plant to have around pets, including cats. The entire plant is nonpoisonous, so if a cat or kitten would nibble on a flower, leaf, or any other part of this shrub, they would be fine. Weigela is a cat-friendly plant to add to your landscape.

Are Weigela Poisonous to Other Animals?

Weigela is not poisonous and is safe around all animals. This non-toxic plant does not cause illness if pets, livestock, or wild animals eat any part of the shrub.

Symptoms Of Weigela Poisoning

It is always best to monitor pets and children to ensure they do not eat anything they shouldn’t, but Weigela is non-toxic. This plant is safe to include in your yard or a container on a deck or area accessible to children and pets.

Always check with your doctor or veterinarian for guidance if you suspect plant poisoning. 

Here are some common symptoms to look out for:

  • None

Preventing Weigela Poisoning

Weigela is not poisonous, so it is unnecessary to keep kids and pets away from this shrub. However, if you have a curious child or pet who routinely removes flowers or foliage, you may want to use a physical barrier, like a fence, or move the plant to an inaccessible area.

Pet Poison Helpline

If something happens to your furry friend, and you suspect that they are suffering from plant poisoning, there is a poison control hotline to call for 24/7 vet advice. It is called the Pet Poison Hotline, and their phone number is (855) 764-7661.

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