Weigela Winter Care

Weigela is a generally low maintenance, hardy perennial shrub. This shrub is hardy in zones four through eight. This shrub doesn’t require too much preparation or care during winter, but there are ways to protect and prepare this shrub to provide the best chance at vibrant vitality. 


Protecting Weigela in Winter

It doesn’t take much to protect weigela, a cold-hardy plant from winter. This perennial shrub could benefit from being watered throughout fall, to keep the ground saturated and moist once freezing temperatures arrive. This shrub does not need to be covered during the winter. It would, however, benefit from a fresh layer of mulch or compost in order to boost nutrients, moisture, and protection from freezing temperatures. 


Cutting Back Weigela For Winter

In the early winter or late fall, it is beneficial to cut down the dead branches within the Weigela by about 20 percent. This will refresh and rejuvenate the plant for healthy blooming the following spring. Early winter or late fall is also a good time to prune for the sake of size maintenance, but this is not always necessary. 

Weigela Winter Care in Pots

Weigela is generally a big plant to put inside a pot, but it can be done. Much like all potted plants, Weigela will need supplemental water in the case of drought. Potting Weigela does provide some mobility in the event of extreme cold temperature, as it could be brought inside. While potting Weigela is considered safe during the winter, the odds for survival are lower than if planted in the ground due to increased exposure of the roots to freezes.

Watering Weigela in Winter

Watering Weigela in the Winter isn’t generally necessary if planted in the ground, as snow cover and rainfall will water the plant naturally. If potted, supplemental watering may be necessary as pots can dry out fairly quickly. It would be important to keep an eye on the condition of the container's soil, whether it’s dry or moist, during the winter. If the first few inches of soil are dry, water the plant. 


Growing Weigela Indoors

Weigela does need a dormancy period each year, due to its blooming nature. It would be best to leave the plant outside in order to encourage the dormancy period. This would be the prime time to let the plant rest, and perform any pruning as necessary.

Steps To Care For Weigela in Winter

Weigela care in the winter is relatively straightforward and low-maintenance.

Step 1 - Prepare weigela during the fall by continuing to water when soil dries out

Step 2 - Apply compost or mulch to the base of the plant before winter

Step 3 - Prune any dead stems by 20%

Step 4 - Water during winter only if drought is observed

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Author Chris Link - Published 07-14-2022