Weigela Aren't Blooming

Weigela is a flowering shrub that is a perennial in USDA zones 4 through 8. During the spring, this plant is covered in pink tubular flowers with 5 lobes that each come to a point. Some hybrid varieties bloom again during the summer. It can be very disappointing when Weigela does not bloom because while the lush foliage that adorns the plant during the rest of the growing season is nice, the blooms are the main draw of this shrub. Various issues can prevent a Weigela from blooming, and they are all easy to resolve. Find out why your Weigela is not blooming and how to easily fix this problem.


Common Reasons Why Weigela Isn’t Blooming

  1. Pruning

Flowers grow on year-old branches, so the branches that grow this summer will be where flower buds grow next spring. Cutting back this year’s growth will mean no flowers next year, so make sure not to remove new growth. Wait until the blooms fall from the Weigela to trim back and shape an overgrown plant. New growth does not grow until the flowers die back, so pruning before the new growth appears ensures it is not accidentally removed. If you over-prune your plant, put the pruning shears down, and wait for new growth to emerge in the summer.

  1. Overgrown

Too much pruning can prevent flowers, but not enough pruning can mean fewer flowers. Old growth will eventually stop producing blooms, but the plant will still direct energy to this part of the plant to sustain it. That’s energy that could go towards lots of springtime flowers. Trim away big, old branches. A rejuvenating cut can be done at any time, but it may be easier to trim during the late fall or winter when the plant is dormant. Weigela is deciduous and drops its foliage in the fall, and it may be easier to identify the biggest and oldest branches when the shrub is bare. Pruning old growth will promote new shoots that will mean more flowers.

  1. Fertilizing

Feeding a plant keeps it healthy and growing, but feeding too often or using the wrong fertilizer may prevent the plant from producing flowers. For instance, nitrogen-rich fertilizers promote foliage production, which will mean fewer flowers. Use a balanced fertilizer, and only apply once a year during the spring to keep your Weigela happy, healthy, and covered in blooms.

  1. Sunlight

Weigela grows best in full to part sun. Too little light and the plant will not bloom; too much light can also be damaging. Plants in areas with intense afternoon sunlight will need to be placed in areas that receive morning sun and afternoon shade. In contrast, locations in northern regions can easily take on direct afternoon sunlight.

  1. Rootbound

Weigela is typically planted in the ground, but this shrub can be grown in a container. If the plant has outgrown its pot, it may not produce blooms. Upgrading to a larger pot or transplanting into the ground will give the roots the space they need to spread out, ultimately leading to more blooms. 

Pruning Weigela To Help It Bloom

Too much pruning can prevent Weigela from flowering. If new growth is removed, the plant will not bloom, so take care not to remove new branches. Pruning can also help an overgrown Weigela bloom. Older growth that no longer produces flowers is a drain on the plant, so removing large, older branches will encourage new growth that will have flowers after about a year. Only remove up to ⅓ of the plant at a time to prevent stress that may stunt the growth.


Fertilizing Weigela To Help It Bloom

Weigela is an adaptable plant, but it thrives under ideal conditions. Low-quality soil may cause a nutrient deficiency and prevent the plant from blooming. Amend the soil with compost when planting or use compost to top-dress the soil in the spring. Feed the plant using a balanced slow-release fertilizer once annually during the spring, and this should help Weigela bloom.

Get Weigela To Produce More Blooms

A healthy Weigela should be covered in flowers during the spring. While a smaller yield of flowers may not be as disappointing as no blooms at all, it’s still not ideal. Help your Weigela produce more flowers by ensuring the plant receives ideal care. The plant needs plenty of sunlight and water. Prune to maintain the size and shape, but do not remove new growth. Fertilize in the spring using a balanced plant food and avoid fertilizer high in nitrogen, which can result in increased foliage and few flowers.

Why Weigela Isn’t Blooming

  • Ensure the plant is receiving enough sunlight.
  • Make sure new growth was not removed.
  • Trim away old growth.
  • Use a balanced, slow-release fertilizer once during the spring.
  • If grown in a container, make sure the plant is not rootbound.
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 Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 16-01-2022