Growing Weigela In Pots

Weigela is a springtime blooming shrub that grows as a perennial in USDA zones 4 through 8. Are Weigela good for planters? Yes, growing Weigela in planters allows for flexible placement options. You can easily move the plant from a patio or porch to another area that receives optimal sunlight. Another advantage of growing Weigela in a planter is that you can move the container to a highly visible spot, so when the pink flowers bloom, you won’t miss any of the striking blossoms.


Planting Weigela in Pots

It is most common to plant Weigela during the early spring or fall. Plant container-grown Weigela at any time during the growing season, but try to avoid transplanting during the spring when the plant is blooming. Place the container in a spot that receives full to part sun, and the container must have drainage holes. Any type of pot material is suitable. Porous materials, like terracotta and unglazed ceramic, allow water to evaporate more quickly, so it may be necessary to water more often.

Best Soil For Weigela in Pots

Use rich, well-draining soil. Weigela is not a heavy feeder, so amend the soil with compost to provide extra nutrition. This plant has medium water needs but does not like wet feet, so the soil should help shed water. For the more advanced gardener, the soil should be slightly acidic to alkaline and have a 5.5 to 7.5 pH.


Caring For Weigela in Planters

Weigela is a relatively low-maintenance plant whether grown in the ground or a pot. When grown in a container, Weigela will need water when several top inches of the soil dry out. Place the pot in an area that receives full to part sun. In hot regions, this plant fairs better when shielded from the bright afternoon sun, so place the container in an area that receives afternoon shade.

Watering Weigela in Pots

Water Weigela in pots when the top several inches of soil are dry. The plant will typically need water once or twice a week but may need more frequent water during a drought. Saturate the soil and water until excess water drains through the pot.

Fertilizing Weigela in Pots

Container-grown plants typically need more nutrition since they have limited resources. Weigela is not a heavy feeder, so feed the plant in the spring using a slow-release fertilizer. When it is time to repot, amend the soil with compost to help sustain the plant and promote new growth.


Winter Care For Weigela in Pots

Weigela is a perennial in zones 4 through 8, so while the plant is winter-hardy, container-grown plants should not be left outdoors during the winter in cold regions. The roots are more susceptible to cold temperatures when in a container, so move the plant to a protected area, like inside of a shed, garage, or basement.

Growing Weigela Indoors

Weigela is a deciduous shrub that goes dormant during the winter. Give the plant a protected place to overwinter, and new growth will emerge in the spring. Since this plant drops all of its foliage during the winter, it does not grow as a houseplant.

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 Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 16-01-2022