Weigela Companion Plants

The trumpet-shaped flowers of weigela bloom during spring and again in late summer, creating an impressive display. All eyes are on the abundant flowers when weigela shrubs bloom, and the broad, bronzy green leaves provide color and texture throughout the growing season. This deciduous shrub has a woody, branched structure and grows in zones 4 through 8.


Feature weigela near the middle or back of a mixed bed, depending on the size of the cultivar. This flowering shrub can be used as a hedge to define a space or break up different yard areas. Flowers that go well with weigela include flowering shrubs like hydrangeas and lilacs, along with coneflowers, salvia, and even leafy plants like elephant’s ear. Weigela are low-maintenance plants once established, but companion plants must have similar care requirements. Choose neighbor plants that appreciate full sun, moist but well-drained soil, and moderate moisture levels, and you will be on your way to a full and beautiful landscape.

Shrubs To Plant With Weigela

Spring-blooming weigela is an excellent complement to early-blooming lilacs and viburnum. These deciduous shrubs welcome spring with lovely flowers, and display green foliage for summer and fall. The weigela is covered in medium-sized flowers when in bloom, while lilacs and viburnum feature clusters of tiny flowers that give the appearance of large blooms. The creamy white or pink flowers of viburnum and the lavender blooms of lilac stand out against the red or dark pink weigela flowers.

Enjoy flowers consistently throughout the growing season by pairing weigela with hydrangeas. Hydrangeas are flowering shrubs that feature cone- or globe-shaped flower clusters during the summer and fall. The alternating bloom times allow both plants to provide a nice backdrop for the other during their respective blooming periods.  

Perennials To Plant With Weigela

Mature weigela shrubs can stand several feet tall and provide a wall of greenery after the flowers fade. Feature flowering perennials, like bee balm, coneflowers, and salvia, in front of a weigela shrub. These shorter perennials add a tiered appearance to a garden bed and will not block or compete with the larger shrubs. Pollinator-friendly plants are a good choice because hummingbirds and bees also favor weigela, so plants like bee balm and salvia ensure an available food source after the weigela’s blooms fade.

Annuals To Plant With Weigela

Smaller annuals like impatiens and petunias stand out against weigela and make it possible to enjoy a burst of color and a different look each year. Impatiens and petunias bloom from spring through the first frost, complementing the weigela’s springtime flowers and ensuring there is still color and visual interest in a garden bed throughout the rest of the growing season. Flowering annuals like petunias and impatiens need partial sunlight, so plant them in the shadows of the sun-loving weigela so all plants thrive. Routine pruning is often necessary to keep flowering annuals looking full, and weigela often needs minimal care once established, so these pairings work well for time-strapped gardeners.

Best Companion Plants For Weigela in Containers

Fuschias are often considered shade plants, but these tender perennials need plenty of light to grow their unique and boldly colored flowers. Much like weigela, morning sun, and afternoon shade are a good combination for fuschia plants. Feature both fuschia and weigela in a container for a curated appearance. The dangling vines of the fuschia will drape over the edge of the container, while the tall flowering weigela draws the eye up.

Consider elephant's ear if you are seeking a foliage option to complement the flowering weigela. While this leafy plant does bloom, the flowers are insignificant compared to the large, showy leaves. Elephant’s ear is a common container plant because it only grows year-round in zones 9 through 11. 


Plants Not To Grow With Weigela

Shade-loving plants like hosta and coral bells are not always a good fit for a space where weigela thrives. These foliage plants are better suited to areas that receive less light, so consider planting them elsewhere in the yard. Plants like astilbe and swamp milkweed, which thrive in damp conditions, will not do well alongside weigela, which has moderate water needs and prefers slightly drier conditions.

Best Plants To Grow With Weigela





Bee Balm

Bee Balm



Weigela is an excellent companion for plants that require full to partial sun. Plants that bloom during the same time ensure an outdoor space is vibrant during the spring. Still, summertime bloomers, like hydrangea and impatiens, provide continued color later into the growing season, and should be considered for a well-rounded design.

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Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 09-06-2023