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United States Plant Zone Map

It's important to know your growing zone when choosing which plants to grow in your garden. Click on the map below for more information on how to find what growing zone you live in. Or you can enter in your zip code at the top of our website to find your growing zone. On mobile devices, the plant zone finder by zip code is at the top of the global menu.

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

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Growing a Kid's Garden with 0-5 Year Olds

Growing a Kid's Garden with 0-5 Year Olds

Posted by Matt Gerber on Oct 20th 2019

This was a project I recently took on in my 9th grade biology class. The first group we worked with was a section of Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten kids. Three, four, and five year olds. I warned my ninth graders that they might be more interested in throwing dirt than planting flowers, so we weren’t sure what to expect .  We quickly realized that their excitement built off of the o … read more
4 Secrets To Get Your Child Gardening

4 Secrets To Get Your Child Gardening

Posted by Matt Gerber on Sep 29th 2019

Fourteen year olds would never dive head first into a gardening project, right?That is what I wondered when I introduced the idea to my ninth grade class. I am a biology teacher and I wanted to do a project that would get the students out of the classroom – and the same old routines – and into the real world. So I thought, “what better than a project that lets kids get outside and grow something … read more
Moving Long Distances with Plants

Moving Long Distances with Plants

Posted by Karyn Wofford on Jul 17th 2019

So it’s time to move, and you stare lovingly at your beloved indoor house plants and budding outdoor shrubs, wondering how you will successfully transport them to your new home. While not as easy as tossing your clothes and furniture in a truck, plants can make the trek, even if all the way across the country. You just have to prepare. Checklist For Moving With Plants  Before setting o … read more

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