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United States Plant Zone Map

It's important to know your growing zone when choosing which plants to grow in your garden. Click on the map below for more information on how to find what growing zone you live in. Or you can enter in your zip code at the top of our website to find your growing zone. On mobile devices, the plant zone finder by zip code is at the top of the global menu.

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

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Create a DIY Cold Frame with Old Windows

Create a DIY Cold Frame with Old Windows

Posted by Amy Renae on Oct 20th 2021

It might feel cold, rainy and let's-face-it -- horrid outside, but surely you can feel that little bit of spring in the air. That tiny bit of fresh air from the south that smells of tulips and peonies and fresh rain and sprouting grass. Spring is coming and it will come faster than you can imagine. Those boring days of winter will be past and the work loaded days of blissful spring will be u … read more
How to Make Redbud and Lilac Jellies

How to Make Redbud and Lilac Jellies

Posted by Amy Renae on Oct 17th 2021

You will need to do some planning ahead in order to make redbud and lilac flower jelly. You have to use the flowers before they start falling from the branches and have enough left to can. Redbud and lilac jelly are very easy to make though and should definitely be on your list to try for the springtime!Supplies For Making Floral Jelly Redbuds or Lilac Flowers Canning Jars Fresh … read more
Summer Gardening Tasks

Summer Gardening Tasks

Jun 18th 2021

Just because spring has sprung and your landscape areas have flourished, does not mean that your gardening tasks are complete. Whether you have already planted your garden or are just beginning to think about summer beds, there are many summer gardening tasks that can be done. Follow these guidelines to help maintain your summer garden all season long. Watering Plants in the Summer The gene … read more

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