Euonymus Aren't Blooming

Euonymus is a perennial shrub prized for its foliage. This low-maintenance plant also blooms with springtime flowers, giving way to ornamental berries later in the growing season. The foliage is the main draw of this plant since the flowers are rather insignificant. While the flowers are not much of a draw, the resulting berries give this plant added color and texture. If your Euonymus plant does not bloom, then it will not have berries. While lack of blooms may not be a concern for Euonymus plants, it can be a sign of a greater health issue.


Common Reasons Why Euonymus Isn’t Blooming

  1. Sunlight

Lots of factors can contribute to Euonymus plants not blooming. Not enough sunlight is the most common culprit. Euonymus plants need full sunlight, and while this plant can handle partial shade, it will thrive in increased light levels.

  1. Water

Under- and over-watering are severe concerns for Euonymus plants. This perennial shrub needs water when the top few inches of soil are dry. Not enough or too much water will impact the plant’s health and result in fewer blooms. Feeling the soil is the most reliable way to determine when a plant needs water and can help you determine that your plant is receiving  the appropriate amount of water.

  1. Pruning

Spring is the best time to shape and prune the Euonymus plant. Trimming the plant later in the growing season may remove the buds, resulting in fewer flowers. Prune the plant early in the growing season, before leaves and flowers emerge, to ensure buds and blooms are not accidentally removed.

  1. Fertilizer

Euonymus can do well with little fertilizer, and too much is generally more of a problem than too much. Feed Euonymus using a balanced fertilizer in the fall or apply several doses during the growing season, depending on your cultivar.


Pruning Euonymus To Help It Bloom

Euonymus is an aggressive grower that can easily become unwieldy. Overgrown plants may fail to bloom, and pruning the plant can help. Trim back overgrown plants to help rejuvenate them. Cut back one-third of the growth, focusing on old branches. As the plant pushes out new bushier growth, flowers will follow during the spring.

Fertilizing Euonymus To Help It Bloom

Some plants need routine fertilization to promote abundant blooms – Euonymus is not one of those plants. This perennial shrub prefers fertile soil but is not a heavy feeder. Too much fertilizer or incorrect fertilizer may prevent the plant from setting flowers. Euonymus prefers a balanced fertilizer in the fall, while some cultivars can handle three or four fertilizer applications during the growing season. Balanced plant food will have an NPK ratio of 10-10-10 or something similar. Fertilizers with high nitrogen encourage plants to push out more leaves at the expense of flowers.

Get Euonymus To Produce More Blooms

Get back to basics if your Euonymus plant is not blooming. This perennial shrub needs full to partial sunlight and rich, well-drained soil and has medium water needs. Ensuring the plant receives proper care will increase the odds of it pushing out flowers. While the flowers are not very showy, their presence indicates a healthy plant. 

Why Euonymus Isn’t Blooming

  • Too little sunlight
  • Improper watering
  • Too much fertilizer
  • Severe pruning at the wrong time of year
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 Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 07-14-2022