Euonymus Winter Care

Euonymus is a winter-hardy perennial grown for its colorful foliage. This plant is native to Asia, but most cultivars grow in USDA zones 4 through 8, with some varieties preferring zones 7 through 11. Euonymus is easy to grow and maintain and requires minimal winter care, even when grown in cold climates.  


Protecting Euonymus in Winter

Always select perennial plants that can grow in your zone to ensure they will be able to overwinter. Most euonymus plants can live in climates with cold and snowy winter weather, and they do not require much care. Any type of protection or cover is not generally necessary. Plants in areas where snow may slide off a roof or snow cleared from a driveway may accumulate may benefit from a cover that will protect the branches from the snow’s weight.

Cutting Back Euonymus For Winter

Dead or damaged growth can be removed anytime during the growing season. Spring is the best time to prune the Euonymus plant to maintain its shape. The plants can also be trimmed to remove seeds if you want to prevent the plant from self-seeding. It is unnecessary to trim or cut back Euonymus before winter.


Euonymus Winter Care in Pots

Winter care for Euonymus in pots is very basic. The plants do not need to be trimmed or pruned. Move the pot to a protected spot in areas that experience cold winter weather. The roots of plants grown in the ground are very well insulated from cold temperatures, but potted plants do not have this protection. Moving the pot into a basement, garage, or protected area is enough to ward off the winter chill.

Watering Euonymus in Winter

It is unnecessary to water Euonymus plants during the winter. This plant goes dormant, and it does not require water. Plants grown in warm regions may need water if they are actively growing.


Growing Euonymus Indoors

Euonymus is not typically a good houseplant. During the winter, some varieties drop their foliage, so the plant is not very appealing. Broadleaf varieties will retain their leaves and offer some visual interest. Euonymus plants require a lot of sunlight to thrive, and not all homes will have enough sunlight to support these plants.

Steps To Care For Euonymus in Winter

Step 1 - Remove any dead or damaged growth

Step 2 - Cover plants in cold climates that are vulnerable to heavy snowfall

Step 3 - Moved potted Euonymus plants to a protected area

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