Watering Euonymus

Knowing when and how much to water plants can be challenging, but getting the watering routine right is important. Euonymus is easy to maintain, and while that laid-back nature extends to its water preferences, this plant does have specific watering needs. Not enough water can cause the plant to wither and die, while too much water will drown the plant. Finding the right balance allows Euonymus plants to grow and thrive. 


How To Tell If Euonymus Needs Watered

Euonymus plants will let you know when they need to be watered. Symptoms of a dry plant include leaves wilting, turning yellow and brown, and falling off the plant. Overwatering a plant can be just as damaging and cause the roots to become soft and mushy; the foliage may develop mold or fungus, and the plant can die.

How Often To Water Euonymus

Regular water is important for new plants. Water newly planted Euonymus when the top couple inches of soil are dry. Depending on the weather and conditions, plan to water the plant every few days. Plants grown in full sun will dry out more quickly and need water more often than plants grown in lower light levels. 

Established plants rely on their root system and will not need water as often. Water Euonymus plants when the top several inches of soil are dry. This plant is drought tolerant, which means it can handle periods of dryness once established, although regular watering will help it look its best during hot, dry weather. An established plant may not push out flowers or berries if it becomes too dry during a drought.

Overwatering is perhaps the biggest problem for Euonymus plants. This plant does not like overly damp conditions, so always let the soil dry out before watering. Signs of an over-watered Euonymus include yellowing of the foliage that starts at the tip and radiates back.

Potted Euonymus seem more thirsty than plants in the ground, but it is simply because container-grown plants dry out more quickly. Plants in the ground have lots of surrounding soil to help retain moisture, but potted plants don’t, so they require regular water. Water whenever the top several inches of soil are dry.


Best Time To Water Euonymus

A plant showing signs of drying out should be watered right away. Plants can recover if they become too dry, and drenching the soil above the roots will help the plant bounce back. Mornings are typically a good time to water Euonymus plants. The temperature is cooler, and the plants can soak up the water before the afternoon heat kicks in, which will cause the plant to dry out.

How to Water Euonymus

Step 1 - Look to see if the soil is dry and feel the top layer to determine the level of dampness.

Do not water the plant if the soil is wet. Water the plant if the top several inches of soil are dry.

Step 2 - Saturate the ground near the base of the plant.

Drench the soil to ensure the roots get wet. Water potted plants until excess water runs through the drainage hole.

Step 3 - Keep the foliage dry.

Damp leaves are more susceptible to mildew and fungus. Water the soil around the root ball and keep the leaves as dry as possible.

Euonymus Watering Tips

  • Euonymus plants do not like overly wet conditions, so only water when the soil is dry.
  • Feel the soil to determine if it is time to water.
  • Drench the soil to help establish a strong and robust root system.
  • Water potted Euonymus plants daily or when the top few inches of soil feel dry.

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