False Cypress Winter Care

False cypresses are generally hardy in zones 4-8, depending on the variety. These plants are evergreen in nature, and will remain alive and well during the winter months if planted in the ground. False cypress can benefit from deep watering in the fall and a layer of mulch to insulate the root zone. It may also need protection from hungry deer if foraging is a problem in your area. 


Protecting False Cypress in Winter

There’s no need to protect false cypress from the elements; it is an evergreen shrub that is exceptionally cold hardy. To prepare false cypress for winter, ensure that moisture levels are sufficient at the end of fall. This shrub could also benefit from a layer of mulch to protect the roots from extreme cold. 

For areas with high deer populations, you can wrap the shrub with burlap or landscape fabric to protect the foliage from damage. The covering can additionally protect the shrub from salt spray and winter burn.


Cutting Back False Cypress For Winter

This plant is evergreen and should not be cut back for winter. This shrub needs plenty of time to harden off before cold weather arrives. It should be noted that shaping can be done once spring has arrived. 

False Cypress Winter Care in Pots

Plants can be moved indoors if they are small enough or if the pot is not frost-proof. Shrubs planted in large concrete planters are likely to overwinter well without additional protection. Continue to water deeply in the fall to prepare the plant for freezing temperatures. 


Watering False Cypress in Winter

Watering this plant over winter is not necessary unless the area is in a substantial drought, with no sign of precipitation or snow on the horizon. Potted indoor plants should be watered when the top layer of soil is dry.

Growing False Cypress Indoors

False cypress can be grown indoors, provided the plant is small enough to grow comfortably in a pot. Most indoor locations cannot provide adequate light for false cypress to grow year-round. It should be brought outside in the spring to maintain its health. 

Steps To Care For False Cypress in Winter

Step 1 - Apply mulch at the base of the plant

Step 2 - Water deeply at the end of fall

Step 3 - Remove any dead branches as they occur

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