Fertilizing False Cypress

False cypress is not a heavy feeder and typically does not need any fertilizer once established. In average garden soil, these shrubs and trees may only need of a yearly application of compost to grow well. False cypress does not bloom, so fertilizing won’t do much more than increase the overall health and growth rate of this evergreen.

False cypresses tolerate nutrient-poor soils, but they can benefit from a nutritional boost during their early years. This applies to native and non-native false cypresses. False cypresses don’t need to be fertilized when they’re mature and established. 


Growth rate: slow to moderate

Healthy: If this plant has been healthy, and is established, there’s no need to fertilize this evergreen. 

Sick: Consider if the plant has been overwatered, and slowly try different remedies to nurse the sick false cypress back to health. Avoid fertilizing a sick or stressed plant.

How to Fertilize False Cypress

Fertilizing false cypress is simple: sprinkle a slow-release, granular, multi-purpose fertilizer at the base of the plant. Look for a formula specific for acid-loving evergreens. Work the fertilizer into the soil so the granules will dissolve and release nutrients when watered. 


Best Time To Fertilize False Cypress

False cypress should be fertilized at the beginning of the growing season during the first few years after planting. Look for new growth at the tips of the plant as the signal to apply fertilizer. Alternatively, apply a ring of compost around the base of the shrub to feed the soil and lock in moisture.  

Best Fertilizer For False Cypress

The best fertilizer to use would be a 10-10-10 slow-release, multi-purpose fertilizer. Choose a product that’s specifically made for woody evergreens or conifers.

False Cypress Fertilizing Tips

  • Not always necessary in average garden soil
  • Fertilize once a year in adolescence
  • Select a gentle, slow-release, balanced formula
  • Avoid fertilizing a mature or stressed plant 


-Always wear protective gloves and a face mask when handling chemical fertilizers.

-Closely follow all directions and storage guidelines that are on the fertilizer label.

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Author Chris Link - Published 08-22-2022