Growing Azaleas in Pots

Are you are searching for a low maintenance plant that will brighten up your garden all year round? Then look no further! The azalea is not only easy to look after but can add gorgeous splashes of color to your garden, even on those dull winter days. There are several different types of azalea, which can be evergreen or deciduous. How can you pick the right type? And how can you maintain it correctly so that it will bloom for years to come? The best kind of azalea to plant in a pot is the Kurume Hybrid. This type of azalea can grow contained in one area. They won't grow larger than 3 or 4 feet tall.

Azaleas are a beautiful flower that most people find outdoors. But, perhaps you want them in your home. Here are 4 tips for growing azaleas in pots:


1. Pick the Right Container

When choosing your container, make sure there is enough room for the root ball. If the pot is too small it will limit the growth. Make sure the pot has sufficient drainage holes. The reason for this is that azaleas cannot survive in water-logged soil.


2. Pick the Right Location

Azaleas need to be planted in a slightly shady spot where they can be exposed to the morning sun but protected from the strong midday rays. As a rule, remember that they won't survive if they are either in the total shade or if they are in the direct sunlight. Try to find a happy medium.

Although hardy, they may need protection during harsh winters. You can even bring the plants inside during the winter months. Always making sure they have access to that morning sunshine through the window. One of the benefits of potted plants is that you can move them around it's not working out!


3. Plant It Correctly

When you remove the azalea plant from the nursery container, you should check the condition of the roots. If the root ball has fibrous roots wrapped around it, you will need to loosen it up. Use a knife to make 2-inch deep vertical cuts around the root ball (3-6 cuts only). Then gently pull the roots outward.

You also need to plant it in the correct soil. According to the Azalea Society of America, azaleas prefer moist, well-drained soil with a pH between 4.5 and 6.0. Make sure not to plant it too deeply.

4. Maintenance

When you first plant the azalea, you must water it immediately, then for a few days after, make sure to water it every day. But after that initial few days, it only needs to be watered weekly. Keep your eyes open though, if the petals or leaves are looking a little dry, you can always give it some extra water.

Fertilize monthly during the fall season. Then wait until the next year to fertilize again. Some choose to fertilize throughout the year, but it all depends on the climate you're growing azaleas in. But never fertilize it during the winter.

Every 6 months examine the root ball to see if it is outgrowing its container. If the root ball is encircled by fibrous roots, you will need to move it into another pot (making sure to go through the same process of loosening the roots as was explained above).

Growing Azaleas for a Brighter Garden

If you take these 4 helpful tips on board, you can successfully grow azaleas and keep them going for years to come. Don't forget to check out our beautiful range of azaleas to brighten up your garden!