Hellebore Aren't Blooming

Hellebore needs sunlight during the winter months to bloom in early spring. Hellebores prefer shade in the summer months. Plant them under deciduous trees, not evergreen trees allowing this plant to receive sunlight when it needs it.


Common Reasons Why Hellebore Aren’t Blooming

Lack of winter sunlight is a common reason that your hellebore may not blossom. Plant them in a location where they will receive winter but not summer sunshine. Low nutrient availability is another reason hellebores may not bloom. Scratch a balanced, slow-release granular fertilizer into the soil or top dress with compost in the fall before the ground freezes. If the non-blooming hellebore is growing in a pot, it may have become root-bound and needs repotting.


Pruning Hellebore Helps It Bloom

Hellebore does not need pruning to bloom. Removing tattered leaves in late winter makes it easier to view the flowers.

Fertilizing Hellebore Helps It Bloom

Add fertilizer or compost when initially planting and in the fall. Use a granular or powder-based balanced fertilizer blend. Do not apply powder formulated fertilizers on windy days. Add water after applying fertilizer. Follow the directions on the packaging for best results.

How Do I Get Hellebore To Produce More Blooms

Hellebores will produce more blooms when they receive adequate sunlight in the winter months and are annually fertilized in autumn.

Why Isn’t My Hellebore Blooming

  • Not enough sunlight during the winter
  • Too much sunlight during the warmer months
  • Lack of soil nutrients
  • Root-bound if container grown
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 Author Maureen Farmer - Published 07-22-2022