Pruning Hellebore

Hellebores are evergreen in most climate zones that they can survive in. Some of the foliage will become tattered during the winter months and should be trimmed off in late winter or early spring before the hellebore begins to flower.


When to Prune Hellebore

The best time to prune hellebore is in late winter or early spring. You can trim back leaves that have died, become infected with disease, or have insect damage at any time. Hellebore is evergreen. It can provide winter color to your garden when the ground is not snow-covered. Carefully cut back damaged or dead foliage in late winter or early spring. Be careful not to cut any flower buds or flower stems by mistake.

How to Prune Hellebore

Step 1Inspect plants for dead, damaged, or diseased leaves.

Decide which leaves need to be removed.

Step 2 - Remove damaged foliage.

Use hand pruners to carefully remove old, rattly-looking leaves. Be careful not to trim off any emerging buds or flower stalks by mistake.

How to prune for winter/spring/fall/summer

There is no need to trim healthy hellebore stems during the growing season. Allow the evergreen foliage to remain intact during the winter months unless it is broken or infected with disease. Don’t deadhead the spent flowers during the summer months. The seed heads are ornamental and will add interest to your gardens.


Why Do You Prune Hellebore?

Prune hellebore to remove dead, damaged, or diseased leaves. Removing unsightly foliage will allow the late winter or early spring blossoms to appear more predominantly in your garden.

Hellebore Pruning Tips

  • When pruning, be careful not to accidentally trim away flower buds or stems.
  • Remove dead or diseased foliage at any time of the year.
  • Don’t remove the hellebore’s evergreen leaves in autumn.
  • Cut back winter-damaged leaves in late winter or early spring.

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