Watering Hellebore

Hellebore prefers some moisture but needs to be grown in well-draining soil to survive. Root rot will occur if the roots are surrounded by wet soil for extended periods. Hellebore can tolerate drier soil conditions once their roots become established.


How to Tell if Hellebore Needs Watered

Hellebore leaves wilt when they need watering. The leaves will turn yellow and then die if they do not receive water in time to survive. If your hellebore is dropping, water it well.

How Often To Water Hellebore

Water newly planted hellebore as soon as it has been backfilled. Water every few days if rainfall doesn’t occur for the first couple of weeks.

Established hellebore needs an inch of water a week from rainfall or watering, from spring to fall. Hellebore does not need watering during the winter months.

Water container garden hellebore once a week during their growing season. Water when the leaves begin to wilt during the winter months.


Best Time To Water Hellebore

Water hellebore any time of the day. It’s best to water them early enough so that any moisture on the leaves has time to dry before nightfall. This will lessen the chance of your hellebore becoming infected with a fungal disease. Hellebore growing in the garden does not need watering during the winter months.

How to Water Hellebore?

Step 1 - Check the soil moisture level.

Poke your finger into the soil. If it feels dry an inch or two below the surface, it’s time to water the hellebore.

Step 2 - Add water to the soil.

Use a watering wand or hose spray attachment on a gentle setting to moisten the soil around the base of the plant. Add water until the ground becomes saturated a few inches below the surface. Keep adding water to a container until it begins to run out the drainage hole.

Step 3 - Repeat.

If no significant rainfall has occurred within the past week, check the soil moisture level for dryness. 

Hellebore Watering Tips

  • Do not over-water
  • Water only if the soil is dry
  • Avoid wetting the leaves

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