Hellebore Winter Care

Hellebore are evergreen perennials. They need little to no care during the winter. Most hellebores are hardy to zone 4. The leaves may become tattered over the winter, but the plant’s roots will survive in the frozen soil.

Protecting Hellebores in Winter

Snow cover is a fantastic insulator for plants. Even without snow cover, hellebore will survive especially if grown in a sheltered location away from drying winds. If you are located at the lower end of hellebore's growing range, consider adding a thick layer of mulch around the base of the plant to help insulate the roots during severe cold snaps.


Cutting Back Hellebore For Winter

Hellebore leaves are evergreen. Leave them on the plant in autumn, unless they are diseased or damaged. In early spring, trim away winter-damaged leaves to allow the flowers to become more visible. Be careful not to cut any flower buds or stems when trimming damaged leaves.

Hellebore Winter Care in Pots

Move pots into an unheated garage or shed if constructed from a material that may crack during the winter freeze-thaw cycles. Other pots can remain outdoors. If you live in a climate colder than zone 5, you may need to surround the container with leaves for added cold protection. No water or fertilizer is necessary over the winter. Begin watering indoor containers in early spring or late winter when warmer weather begins in your climate.

Watering Hellebore in Winter

Hellebore is very hardy and can survive without water in frozen soil. Supplemental water is not required. Water any potted plants you moved indoors when the top inch of soil dries out.

Growing Hellebore Indoors

Container-grown hellebores can be used as houseplants. They prefer to be grown in garden soil but will survive indoors. Give them plenty of light during the winter months and indirect light in the summer. This action will mimic their natural environment of being shaded by deciduous trees during the hotter times of the year.

Steps To Care For Hellebore in Winter

Hellebore is hardy to zone 4 and needs little to no attention during the winter. They will survive under the snow in colder, wetter climates.

Step 1 - Water hellebore in late autumn before the ground freezes if the weather has been dry.

Step 2 - Remove any diseased or damaged leaves. Hellebore is evergreen. Leave all healthy leaves on the plant. 


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 Author Maureen Farmer - Published 07-04-2022