Hellebore Companion Plants

Lenten roses or hellebores are darling perennials that are often some of the first plants to bloom in the spring. Hellebores grow in zones 4 through 9 and can bloom as early as February, with flowers lasting until May. The flowers are often dramatic shades of pink, yellow, green, blue, maroon, and white. 


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Hellebores are at their showy peak during the early spring. The greenery stays in place throughout the rest of the summer, and these plants are evergreen in the warmer reaches of their growing zones. Companion plantings complement Hellebore’s greenery and provide continued visual interest throughout the growing season. 

Shrubs To Plant With Hellebore

Hellebore plants bloom in late winter or early spring, so they need a spot that is sunny during the winter but receives full to partial shade during the summer. Underneath a deciduous shrub, like hydrangea or weigela, is often a good spot. These shrubs will bloom shortly after the lenten roses’ flowers fade, providing continuous color. 

Perennials To Plant With Hellebore

Phlox is a flowering perennial that produces fragrant flowers. Enjoy phlox flowers from spring through fall, depending on the variety. Plant the shorter hellebore in front of phlox, so both plants are on full display. Hellebores bloom prior to phlox, so feature them together for a long, showy floral display.

Hostas and coral bells are perennials that pair well with hellebores due to their mutual love of partial shade. Both hostas and coral bells are grown primarily for their lovely foliage. These lush ornamental plants will fill in when the hellebore’s flowers fade, and the hellebore’s foliage will be absorbed in a large continuous bed of greenery. 


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Annuals To Plant With Hellebore

Begonias and fuchsias are flowering annuals that work well with hellebores. All of these plants require partial shade, so they will thrive in the same growing conditions. Both begonias and fuchsias bloom around the time hellebore is done blooming, so there will always be something to admire in the vicinity. The palmate foliage of the hellebore will contrast the surrounding foliage to provide added interest after blooming.

Best Companion Plants For Hellebore in Containers

Pair hellebore in a pot with ferns for a shade-ready container to display on a porch or deck. The delicate fronds will complement the lenten rose's bold flowers and green foliage. Feature hellebore plants in the center of a container and surround it with spreading, cascading ferns to create a full and dense planter. 

Plants Not To Grow With Hellebore

Hellebore produces striking flowers that look amazing with most plants, but the care requirements are often the barrier when selecting companion plants. Full sun is unacceptable in warm areas, so avoid planting hellebores alongside smaller plants that require full sun, like sedum, zinnias, and marigolds. A taller shrub that can cast shade, like lilac or forsythia, is a better companion for lenten rose.

Best Plants To Grow With Hellebore









The flowers of the lenten rose, or hellebore, are some of the first to welcome spring. Most other plants are just getting started when the hellebore is winding down, although the greenery stays in place throughout the rest of the growing season. Hellebore is a good plant companion because it doesn’t interfere with or steal attention from other plants, and this beauty brightens up an otherwise dim area with its magnificent flowers.

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Author Alison Cotsonas - Published 09-05-2023