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Lacecap Hydrangeas

Hydrangea macrophylla normalis stand out because of the look of the flowers. The flower clusters of small fertile florets with scattered showy sterile florets to form a ring.


These shrubs should be much more widely grown. They are treated exactly the same as mopheads. In some ways the lacecap is easier than the mophead to place in the landscape because it is looser, more graceful and more subtle in its effect.


There is no doubt that mature lacecaps can be magnificent. They fit quite naturally into woodland locations, snuggling under and around trees such as dogwoods and other shrubs. I have also seen spectacular single specimens light up a front yard.

Lacecap Hydrangeas and Mophead Hydrangeas are both classified as Hydrangea macrophylla. Both types require the same growing environment.

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Types of Lacecap Hydrangeas

'Beaute Vendomoise' Hydrangea Bloom

'Beaute Vendomoise'

Blue Billow Hydrangea Bloom

'Blue Billow'

Geoffrey Chadbund Hydrangea Pink Flowers

'Geoffrey Chadbund'

Kardinal Hydrangea Pink Blooms


Lanarth White Hydrangea White Blooms

'Lanarth White'

Lemon Wave Hydrangea Blooms

'Lemon Wave'

Lilacina Hydrangea Bloom


Mariesii Hydrangea Blooms


Mariesii Variegated Hydrangea Blooms

'Mariesii Variegated'

Nachtigall Hydrangea Blue Flowers


 Rotdrossel Hydrangea Pink Blooms


Taube Hydrangea Pink Flowers


Tokyo Delight Hydrangea Flowers

'Tokyo Delight'

Veitchii Hydrangea Flowers