Tickseed Aren't Blooming

Tickseed, or Coreopsis, comes in an array of types, so the specific bloom time for each one will vary slightly. Some can begin blooming as early as the beginning of spring. However, most will bloom between the months of June and September. These plants are hardy and grow readily in USDA hardiness zones ranging between 4 and 10.

If your tickseed is not flowering or struggling to produce a decent number of flowers, a few reasons may be to blame. This guide will reveal the most common reasons for insufficient blooms and what you can do to resolve them. 


Common Reasons Why Tickseed Isn’t Blooming

Tickseed responds well to pruning. Leaving spent flowers can prevent new ones from coming in. Another potential cause for insufficient blooms is a lack of sunlight. Tickseeds demand 6 to 8 hours of direct sun exposure each day to thrive. Furthermore, if your tickseed is potted and not growing, the container may not be large enough to house your plant’s extensive root system. The pot should be at least 8 to 10 inches in both depth and width for new plants.


Pruning Tickseed To Help It Bloom

As mentioned above, pruning has a direct impact on blooms. When you don’t deadhead, your plant will shift its energy to producing seeds instead of more blooms. To prevent this, remove spent blooms throughout the summer. By doing so, your plant can continue to use its energy toward producing new flowers consistently throughout the season.

Fertilizing Tickseed To Help It Bloom

A great way to help your plant bloom is to feed it. The ideal fertilizer type for tickseeds is a granular formula with a 10-10-10 NPK ratio. This ratio indicates a composition of 10% nitrogen, 10% phosphorus, and 10% potassium. The best time to fertilize your plant is during early spring, preferably once per year. Doing so will help your tickseed increase the number of blooms it can produce. Make sure to read the instructions carefully before using the fertilizer.

Get Tickseed To Produce More Blooms

If your tickseed isn’t producing as many blooms as you would like, don’t worry. Follow a few simple steps to help it get back on track. 1) Make sure to remove dead flowers when you see them; 2) Ensure your tickseed is receiving enough sun exposure; and 3) Fertilize every year during early springtime. Also, if your plant is potted, make sure that the container is no less than 8 inches deep and 8 inches wide.


Why Tickseed Isn’t Blooming

  • Failing to prune spent flowers
  • Lack of sufficient sunlight
  • Potted in a container that’s too small
  • Not fertilizing or fertilizing at the wrong time

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Author Chris Link - Published 07-26-2022