Tickseed Winter Care

Tickseeds, also known as Coreopsis, can be either perennials or annual plants depending on their variety. With over 80 different species, which are all native to various American regions, gardeners can use them to add a pop of bright color to their gardens. Although these plants prefer warmer climates, they can thrive in growing zones that range between 4 and 10. With proper care, tickseeds can withstand harsh winters easily. Read on to learn how to care for them during the colder months.


Protecting Tickseed in Winter

There is no need to protect your tickseed during the wintertime. Although they do thrive with warm temperatures, they will be able to survive harsh cold temperatures as well. You won’t need to worry about covering your plants or shielding them from snow. Note that your tickseed may look lifeless during this time, but once the temperatures go up, your plant will quickly rebound.


Cutting Back Tickseed For Winter

Your plant will be dormant during winter. You can prune it during autumn, before frost occurs. Cut back your tickseed plant to about 6 inches above the ground. You can remove any faded foliage, but leave some stems around the crown. These will help to protect and insulate your plant during winter.


Tickseed Winter Care in Pots

For potted tickseed, follow the same steps as above. However, consider using a pot that is weather resistant. Ideal container materials include fiberglass, lead, iron, heavy plastic, and stone. If your tickseed is currently in a terracotta pot, consider switching to a frost-proof material. Although terracotta pots are great for the warmer months, continuous freezing and thawing will cause your container to expand and crack.

Watering Tickseed in Winter

Whether your tickseed is potted or planted in the ground, water it generously until the first freeze. A layer of mulch will help the roots stay hydrated, which in turn helps them better withstand freezing temperatures. Mulch also helps insulate the crown from freezing temperatures. Once springtime comes, you can pull the mulch away from the base of the plant. Complete this task sooner rather than later as damp mulch is the perfect breeding ground for pests and diseases.

Steps To Care For Tickseed in Winter

Caring for tickseed during the winter is not a difficult task. You won’t need to protect it or shield it from snow, as tickseeds are exceptionally cold hardy. Follow these steps to help your plant survive effortlessly:

Step 1 Cut your plant back to about 6 inches above the ground. Leave some stems to protect the crown.

Step 2 If you’re growing your tickseed in a terracotta pot, consider switching to a weather-resistant one.

Step 3 Water the soil deeply before the first frost.

Step 4 Add a layer of mulch to aid with moisture retention. This will make it easier for your tickseed to survive freezing temperatures.


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Author Chris Link - Published 07-26-2022